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  1. Hi everyone! I created a Facebook group for those of us who will be attending BW, message me for the link
  2. I interviewed 10/23 and got the acceptance call yesterday!
  3. Got the acceptance call this morning from Friday’s interview
  4. I got an interview invite today! Gmail sorted it into the promotions section of my email so I am SUPER glad I caught it; I just wanted to share in case that happens to anyone else
  5. I received an interview invite today for October 16th! It’ll be virtual but I’m so excited!
  6. Hi friends! I got the confirmation email that they received my application this morning so I thought I would start a thread as we start to hear more! Good luck everyone!
  7. No essays! It was just matching prereqs and asking the basic questions of if you've been found guilty or convicted of a felony or misdemeanor etc. This was also the opportunity to submit shadowing forms as well! It really just took a few minutes
  8. GPA: 4.00 as a bio major and psych minor GRE: 313 (157 V, 156 Q, 5.0 AWA) Shadowing: 12 hours (planning on getting more as soon as possible in my area) PCE: 680 hours as a nursing home STNA Volunteer: 100 hours through my service fraternity Leadership: ~350 hours through orgs on my campus I think that's it? haha let me know if I missed something
  9. Don't worry at all! I believe they continue reviewing apps until their deadline. You've got this But just so you know my timeline: I received an email on June 5th saying they still needed my official GRE scores and to email them when they were posted, so I did so when they (finally) came in on the 11th. Michelle emailed me back a few hours later saying thanks and that my app was complete so they would look at it soon! Then the 12th was the confirmation with the supplemental as well
  10. Thank you! I applied May 21 and was verified the next morning, but I never actually got a confirmation email! The interview invite was the first I heard from them
  11. Hi everyone! I didn't see a thread started for the 2020-2021 application cycle and I just got offered an interview last night (!!!!) so I thought I would start one! Good luck to you all!
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