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  1. They just gave me an interview invite 5 minutes ago which is weird since they are pulling people off the waitlist. I wonder if it's just to interview for the waitlist.
  2. What time is it for your group? They didn’t say when they offered me an interview and I need to know if I have to leave work early for the Q&A the night before.
  3. Does anyone know if Tufts offers any need/merit based grants or is it all loans? If anyone has received grants in past what were the amounts? Half tuition, $10k, 20k, smaller amounts???
  4. I was rejected as well, 3.5 cGPA 3.7 sGPA 2000+ hours. No feedback was given
  5. I did. I was hoping they’d make decisions quickly but I guess that isn’t their plan.
  6. Yah anyone know how long they wait to extend acceptances?
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