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  1. Hey everyone!! I was also accepted into University of Pittsburgh's PA program last week! For anyone who would like to network and collaborate before January, please feel free to add me on my instagram @alexis_ivy Looking forward to meeting everyone!!
  2. Any first round interviewees hoping this week will be the week?! 4 weeks to the day today... Best of luck everybody, changes are coming sooner than later now!!
  3. Haha! I completely understand. I do that too! Let's hope for the best next week then
  4. So last year they submitted acceptances 3 days after the second round of interviews!! Which was like 2.5 weeks after the initial round of interviews, so we may get some earlier acceptances depending on COVID.
  5. What, I swear I read a bunch that got it much earlier than that from last year's thread!! I will have to go check lol. Fingers crossed!
  6. Do you think that since the next round of interviews is July 28th, we will hear back before then? I've been thinking about it for days, lol! From last year's forum, people were accepted 10-14 days after their interviews so we have to be close.
  7. It's all in the experiences! I guess you have to take these things with a grain of salt and know that what's meant to be will come Makes us humble as future providers.
  8. It really is astonishing but you know we just have to believe that those programs would not have been the perfect place for us anyways. We will fit just right at the schools that accept us! I appreciate the empathy and I know you will be successful in your endeavors too from what I have seen of your posts! Best of luck!
  9. I'm asking myself the same thing Don't lose hope yet, though!! You never know when you could get a late interview invitation. I know the dual program is more difficult to get into (or rather that is what they alluded to at an open house I attended last year), but you still have a chance! Crossing my fingers for you!
  10. Letters of recommendation were definitely more than good, as well as my essay. I did not have much for volunteer experiences (maybe 60 hours between ER, Salvation Army, and Red Cross) and was on the lower end of GRE so I'm thinking that was my downfall! Same boat!! I received 2 interviews from programs I did not think I had a chance in and then received rejections from schools I thought would be easiest to get acceptances from, lol.
  11. Yeah, I asked myself the same thing!! I guess whatever they're looking for, I'm missing
  12. I unfortunately also received a rejection this morning. sGPA 3.84 cGPA 3.88 3000 PCE as a surgical tech. 304 5.5 GRE. 60 volunteer, 75 shadowing, 60 leadership. Applied May 18th, verified June 8, rejected July 23
  13. May 26th! I just sent them an email updating them on my PCE and course completion status so I guess we will see what they say lol
  14. Should I be concerned that I have not received anything since the confirmation of receipt email? My stats are very similar to those who interviewed and were accepted, so I'm rather perplexed as to why I was skipped over Does Salus not accept online prerequisites?
  15. Ive heard 4-6 weeks to several months, but last year it looks like some applicants heard back a little earlier than 4 weeks! I’m crossing my fingers and hoping for a response around Friday or next Monday, but who knows Best of luck and fingers crossed!
  16. Omg those are AMAZING odds! You really just lifted my spirits!
  17. I noticed when we were all in the "Main Room", somebody said around those numbers!! But that's what I keep telling myself too, lol! Having a class of 60 compared to 30 really makes a difference in your statistical chances of being accepted :)
  18. There were approximately 25-30 interviewees on the 14th, I think! I imagine they'll probably keep around those numbers and so far there are four interview sessions
  19. I did. I received it at two different e-mails so I think it was more of a generalized e-mail sent out to anybody who was on their listing, but I could be wrong. Also hoping for an interview in round 2. Best of luck girl!!
  20. As it was my first interview, I don’t have anything to base it off of but I thought it was pretty standard Q&A with the director, 30 min interview with faculty, Q&A with current students! Writing section was very straightforward, nothing to panic over!
  21. Stellar stats!!! And again congratulations. I saw you were already accepted elsewhere but best of luck in wherever you attend Thank you for sharing this information!
  22. Congratulations!!! How exciting Do you mind sharing your stats or application timeframe? @SundayCandy @aanchal1d @wildalaskaand @sc215266
  23. Hey I was at the June 29th interview, also! I am obsessively checking emails and this site too... Glad I'm not the only one! When I reviewed last year's some people heard back in just a couple weeks, so let's hope for a best case scenario. Lol, best of luck to you!!
  24. Any interviewees have an idea of when we could possibly hear back from Drexel? I know the woman in admissions said there was a possibility of an earlier acceptance, but just wondering what your thoughts are on how soon that could be?
  25. Can I say, I LOVE the supportive nature of this website. Good job, everybody and keep positive
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