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  1. Has anyone that emailed Karen received a reply yet?
  2. Got the alternate email today as well. Happy this it is not a rejection but not stoked about more waiting
  3. Hey! I saw that two people from that date were accepted but I interviewed then and still waiting to hear back as well!
  4. Received an interview invite via phone call on 8/14. Submitted my app 5/21! Interview is via zoom on 9/28 and 9/30.
  5. Same here. I submitted 5/21 and got received email 5/26 nothing since
  6. Scheduled to interview July 31. Application received May 21 invite sent July 2. Super excited!
  7. For the pre requisite portion of the supplemental app did you include all science courses taken. For example all classes under realm of bio for the other bio or all chem classes for chem section? I'm kind of confused because it automatically inserted several incorrect courses from CASPA for me.
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