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  1. Hey! Happy Friday! Thanks for the update. Did they include your percentile in the update email?
  2. CONGRATULATIONS!!! That's awesome! So excited for you!!
  3. Gotcha! Thanks for the update. Good luck!!! Hoping you get a call soon
  4. Hello!! Has anyone heard back from being on the waitlist after interviewing? In terms of placement number or anything?
  5. Congratulations !! That’s big Are you going to accept the offer?
  6. Hey! Hope your interview went well. How was it? Did you hear back yet?
  7. Hello! Has anybody heard any news lately? Is the class full already? Are they still extending invites? Have not heard anything since applying Thanks!
  8. Hey! Found this on their website. Scroll down to the "Residential Housing" tab. Seems to be full of helpful links. Could give that a browse https://rm.edu/student-services/residential-students/
  9. Hi! For those of you who received acceptance calls, did you get an email yet? (If so, how long did it take?) PS. Best wishes to those who haven't heard back yet. Rooting for you all! Hoping good news soon! PPS. Congrats to those who have been accepted!
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