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  1. Waitlisted as well! But so happy it’s not a rejection.
  2. Hi there! I interviewed today and they said that we were round 3 of 4 and that there was one more week of interviews left!
  3. Just received the call!! Interviewed 10/12! Congrats everyone!
  4. I applied and was verified 6/10 and JUST received an interview invite for 12/9 this morning!!
  5. Haha SAME! Interviewed 8/29 here too and I’m dying to hear back! Waiting on Emory and my other top choice in Florida.
  6. Interviewed in 9/15. Just received mayyyybe a rejection email? Not sure because they didn’t say explicitly lol: “Thank you for participating in the interview process at Wake Forest School of Medicine PA Studies. It was a pleasure to meet you. The applicant pool for our program is extremely competitive and it is a measure of your hard work and success to be invited for interview. We would appreciate feedback on your interview day experience and ask that you complete the survey below. We are also including the contact information for the admission reps. Feel free to reach out to them for
  7. Just received an acceptance call! Interviewed YESTERDAY, 9/30!
  8. Have you heard anything yet? I remember you from my 9/19 interview
  9. I interviewed Sept 19. Yes they have a cadaver lab, already dissected. I really loved the facilities. The students did a virtual tour with us which was nice because we saw everything from their perspective. Not a lot of local volunteer programs but there are interest groups
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