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  1. @Jcho338 Haha completely slipped my mind. My time is 1 hour ahead. Thanks
  2. I joined the session. Are they delayed or something? It's showing me that it still has not started as of yet...
  3. Hey guys, I just got my supplemental as well. Did anyone else see that where it mentions LOR on the portal, the received box is empty? It said in the email to make sure there’s one from a PA or Physician submitted to CASPA. I’ve already done that since I’ve submitted my applications. Just wondering if there’s something we have to do so that box is checked off?
  4. @PA2020MC Would you mind sharing if you had interviewed with the program last cycle and what were your stats? Thanks
  5. @AyaChan oh wow I did not know it was that long. Thanks
  6. Hi everyone, has anyone received the supplemental link yet? I applied back on 5/13 through CASPA which was verified on 5/14. Then I received the graduate program account info on 5/17 and submitted all that stuff and they emailed me back on 5/22 saying they received the graduate application. But I have not yet received anything regarding the supplemental.
  7. @CLC0617 Thanks! After applying to programs, I keep feeling like I am forgetting something haha. Best of luck to you too!
  8. Hey, I just want to make sure I did everything correctly. I submitted my CASPA application where we had to answer 4-5 questions and then applied to NAU Graduate school. Then pay for the grad school application. Am I missing anything else?
  9. Anyone take the CASPer test yet? Looking for any tips/advice as I plan to take it in a few days.
  10. Hi, Congratulations to all of you that have been accepted! I am planning on applying as a Transfer student into the accelerated class this upcoming cycle. A bit nervous haha. Did those of you who have been accepted all have a B- or greater in all of your science classes. I'm wondering because I got a C in Chem 2 and Orgo 1. Also would any of you who have been accepted, mind sharing your stats? I appreciate any information. Thanks!
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