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  1. Hello, I graduated May 2019 with a BS in Bio and my cGPA was 3.01. Since then I have been retaking classes and have raised it so far to a cGPA 3.27 and sGPA of 3.18. I have just above 1000 hours of PCE working as a back office MA. I know my GPA is low, and my PCE is low as well. I'm continuing to work on raising my cGPA and sGPA and gain more PCE/HCE. If anyone could give a brother some wisdom, would you recommend a Post-Bacc? Consider applying to nursing school then bridge to PA (I appreciate the medical model in which PAs are educated under rather then becoming a NP)? or continue hammering out classes at CC's while working as a MA? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, I live on the west coast, specifically California. I have been looking into Doane University or UC Berkley to take classes and retake some prerequisites. I was wondering if any one from California has taken classes or anyone else has taken these classes and applied to pa schools in CA? Were those classes accepted? I have reached out to schools and they just say they accept classes from "regionally accredited schools" which I know Doane is, but is there a issue since these classes are online? I know it can be best to take classes in person, however I work a full time job where I am not able to attend local community classes since they are during my work hours. Any help will be appreciated! Cheers!
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