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  1. Same here! Me and my anxiety are doing suuuuper well at this waiting game
  2. Anyone get updates yet? I know this is the time of year they send out a second set of emails. I haven’t gotten the second round of emails yet
  3. I’d give it a few more days! Mine took more than a week and I was verified 5/20. Also watch out for the emails in your junk file. Good luck!
  4. Just got the MyStar portal access today!
  5. Received the email today: “Thank you for applying to the Master of Physician Assistant Studies program in the School of Health Professions at UT Health San Antonio. We have received your completed CASPA application, supplemental application, and supplemental application fee. The admissions team for the School of Health Professions will start reviewing your application information to confirm all requirements have been met for the current application cycle.”
  6. Has anyone received the "under review email" yet? Submitted: 5/15 Verified: 5/20
  7. Hey! Sorry I just meant the questionaire about residency that they initially send out! I haven’t gotten any MyStar stuff yet. I just checked past years pages and it looks like the Mystar email comes out in early June!
  8. I haven’t! Have you? submitted: 5/18 verified: 5/20 did the supplemental app (not Mystar) 5/21
  9. You are the kind of encouragement we need on this forum. Thank you for your words!!
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