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  1. I interviewed for a spot on the waitlist and heard back 20 minutes ago that i received a spot on the waitlist!
  2. Does anyone have any insight to how many people are on the waitlist/how it is ranked or how many people usually get pulled off of it?
  3. I just got an email saying ive been placed on the alternate list, i interviewed 12/07/2020
  4. It looks like they have been reaching out Tuesdays and Wednesdays, hopefully we hear back soon!
  5. Congrats! This was my favorite interview and had no challenging or out there questions. I would look over some common PA interview questions to prepare.
  6. Hi! We could start a group me, I dont have facebook so i couldnt join the group! I made this one if anyone wants to join! https://web.groupme.com/join_group/65275299/jHMCaNoh
  7. I am wondering this too, i have not heard back.
  8. Does anyone remember if they said we would for sure hear by the 18th regardless of if we were accepted, rejected, waitlisted? Or could we hear back later?
  9. I am kinda hoping there are some people in USCs program that got into MUSCs program today and maybe some spots will open for people on the waitlist!
  10. Did anyone who interviewed on 12/9 get an acceptance call today?
  11. I just interviewed yesterday and i think they just gave out a few spots and are giving out more next week so dont worry!
  12. Does anyone know where we can find how to join the student panel info session next week? Was the link in our portal or did they email it to us?
  13. Hi guys, sending in my app soon. I did notice on CASPA there is a Transferology report. Has anyone completed this? The link does not link to a working page.
  14. Just got an interview for july 10th! It will be virtual. Sent through email.
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