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  1. has anyone been taken off the waitlist lately? slowly losing a little bit of hope over here
  2. has anyone called the admissions committee to ask how the waitlist works/if it is ranked/etc? Or does anyone have any info on this? The Tufts website for the MD program states "We do not rank our wait list. As people withdraw from our class, we monitor the demographic composition of the class (geographical distribution, representation of undergraduate institutions, etc.) and admit candidates from the wait list who would best balance the composition of the class. During the summer months, the Admissions Committee does not meet on a scheduled basis as it does during the academic year; rather, it meets on an ad-hoc basis, reviewing wait list applications as needed." I'm thinking the PA program operates in the same manner but unsure
  3. Unfortunately I think once you pay your deposit you can give up the seat any day until the program starts.
  4. I'm thinking the earliest we might see people come off the waitlist is after Nov. 2nd because on the waitlist decision letter it said we had up until Nov. 2nd to respond if we wanted to be added to the list. Im not positive but just a thought!
  5. They did not give too much detail in the email other than it is not guaranteed students will be taken off the waitlist and that we can hear back up until the day of orientation- i do not believe that they disclose your rank within the waitlist. They do mention replying if you are not interested in being placed on the waitlist so that other students can be contacted, so it sounds like it is possible you still have a chance of being waitlisted even if you didn't hear anything today.
  6. I received the email right around 10 AM. Fingers crossed for you!
  7. I received an email- it was in my spam folder so be sure to check there
  8. Waitlisted today as well. I was in the first interview group
  9. If you do end up calling would you mind updating us on what they say? I am also surprised that we have not heard anything regarding the waitlist yet
  10. Did they mention how many seats were left during the interview?
  11. I believe the last interview session is september 8th!
  12. Unfortunately I have a feeling rejections wont be sent until after the last interview- probably around end of September
  13. does anyone whose had a later interview recall how many students were present during your asynchronous interview? I think there were about 25 in my interview which was the first block- just curious if all groups are about the same size or if less people are interviewing as time goes on
  14. Im In the same boat- Interviewed in June and haven't heard anything yet. My guess is that if we haven't heard anything by now we probably wont hear until September and will either be accepted or placed on a waitlist at that time.
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