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  1. As you guys know, because of covid-19, it will take a while for a lot of the schools to offer in-person lectures. As such, I am looking to take 1-2 online classes this summer and not want to wait till the fall and hoping that the campuses will be reopened. I have heard about UNE and Doane as places that people do their pre-reqs online. I am wondering if you guys can share your experience if you have taken online classes, so I can make a decision as to where to enroll for this summer. Also, I have heard some PA schools dont take online credits. Does that apply to most schools?
  2. Thats good to know that i can just get rid of the pre-req at community college. I am really thinking about taking a few online classes because with covid-19, i just dont know if school is going to be open for summer classes. As with lab classes, how do i know which pre-req classes include the lab component? Thanks again
  3. Hi there, I am very new to the PA application process so i want to ask how people normally take for their pre-req? Considering that I have already graduated from college and working, what would be the pros of cons of doing the pre-req at (online classes, community college, 4 year college)? Also, i heard that some classes cannot be taken online? want to ascertain if that is correct or not. Thanks,
  4. Hi guys, Just found out about this forum because I am very interested in applying to PA school. I have been working in the finance field for a few years post-college, but decided that it wasn't for me. It sounds cliche yet true, that I am looking for a more meaningful and impactful career, thus PA school looks very interesting to me. I graduated from a top 30 US college with a somewhat decent 3.3 GPA, however I haven't taken any science/PA pre-req classes. I am wondering if anyone can point me to the right direction, as in, the things that i must have completed prior t
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