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  1. Hi!!! I had a quick question! I recently got accepted and they emailed me last Tuesday saying that IT will send me an email with mymercer login and ID information..but they haven’t sent anything yet. Did anyone receive their mymercer login info yet!? Thanks!!!
  2. Hi!! I received an interview invite as well today. So so so excited to meet all of y'all! I was also wondering if anyone who have previously interviewed with Campbell had any tips, comments, or info?? Thank you in advance!
  3. hi guys! I applied in early June but havent heard back at all yet so Im getting a little nervous. I read in their email that we should configure our emails, and I was wondering if yall did that? And if you did, how? I want to make sure that I'm not missing out on any emails! Thank you.
  4. Omg congratulations!! Just wondering..what was your timeline like?? When were you be verified by tufts?
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