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  1. Thank you all for your well thought out responses and insight. It’s a definite battle between honoring our profession and exemplifying our worth while dealing with the hospital “politics” but it’s also figuring out how much we are willing to tolerate. Regardless, we as PAs have strived to reach where we are today, and no one should try and take that privilege away from us. I figure that it’s usually lonely at the top, but it’s forums and places like these where we know that there is support and that we are in it together.
  2. All, Has anyone experienced being undermined as a PA? I have been a Cardiothoracic surgical PA for 2 years now. And in this new hospital I work at, PAs are not represented much. I believe most of that’s because management is not familiar with what PAs can do, how they can bill, their autonomy, etc. Due to this, their structure has always been having NPs on the floor to round on the post op patients, and RNFAs (nurse first assists) in the OR. The surgeons don’t get involved as much because they‘ve compartmentalized the two groups, and have a head NP and head RNFA who leads their counterpar
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