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  1. Waitlisted, congrats to those accepted and keeping my hopes high
  2. I have a good feeling about this week! Wishing good news to everyone
  3. Interview invite received last night but will be turning it down, hopefully this gives another person a spot!
  4. I'm declining my interview so hopefully that gives someone else a spot!
  5. Sounds like they had an interview on 11/6 - does anyone know if they are officially done interviewing and will start sending out decisions soon?
  6. Interviewed 7/16 and waitlisted today as well! Congrats to everyone who was offered a spot
  7. Nothing yet, I also interviewed back in July and haven’t heard anything.
  8. Me too! I think someone said they will send them out in September, but that is right around the corner.
  9. Congratulations!! Super happy for you
  10. Not yet, I've been checking my email every 5 minutes!!
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