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  1. I got pulled off the waitlist yesterday. It was a really tough decision as this program seems amazing, but I declined my seat as I was accepted at another school. Sending good vibes to others waiting for a spot
  2. Anyone know of any updates on their accreditation status? ARCPA says they were reviewed in March.
  3. Waitlisted, congrats to those accepted and keeping my hopes high
  4. I have a good feeling about this week! Wishing good news to everyone
  5. Interview invite received last night but will be turning it down, hopefully this gives another person a spot!
  6. I'm declining my interview so hopefully that gives someone else a spot!
  7. Sounds like they had an interview on 11/6 - does anyone know if they are officially done interviewing and will start sending out decisions soon?
  8. Interviewed 7/16 and waitlisted today as well! Congrats to everyone who was offered a spot
  9. Nothing yet, I also interviewed back in July and haven’t heard anything.
  10. Me too! I think someone said they will send them out in September, but that is right around the corner.
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