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  1. That's what I thought. However, I was on the virtual fair today and they said they are extending interviews from now-November- so I wanted to ask if anyone has received one.
  2. Does anyone know if you have a pending pre-req but still submit your application, if it will be reviewed once that pre-req is complete? I submitted on 5/7 and received an email saying that all pre-reqs had to be complete before submission. I also received an email after that saying my app will be reviewed once the course is complete (I'm taking it right now). Does anyone have clarity on this?
  3. Submitted 5/6 verified 5/7 and received confirmation receipt from Methodist on 5/7. Anybody else with updates?
  4. I received a confirmation of my application a few days after submitting last week!
  5. Thank you for all of your updates, it is very helpful and appreciated!
  6. Thank you for telling me this! I emailed them to check on the status of mine, but haven’t heard back yet
  7. I submitted CASPA and supplemental to Campbell on May 6, marked as complete on May 7, and verified on May 8. Has anyone else submitted / received confirmation from Campbell? I have received confirmation from one of the schools I submitted to, but so far not from Campbell.
  8. From my understanding, once CASPA has received all official transcripts, at least 2 letters of recommendation, the application fee is paid, you submit your app and receive an email confirming your app has been submitted, then your application is marked as "complete" in CASPA. CASPA starts the verification process, it takes all of your coursework and calculates an overall GPA, BCPM GPA, science GPA, etc., for the schools to use. CASPA basically creates a standard for all schools to use for your application. This is the "verification process," CASPA ensuring that everything is entered corre
  9. Hi! I'm not sure what the correct answer is on this, but I put multiple courses when given the option to, such as clicking on both orgo and biochem to fulfill pre-reqs for certain schools. I'm sure the Admissions committees will evaluate the courses as they see fit- or at least that was my theory!
  10. Hi! I'm not applying to any dual programs, but I think for those who are interested in working in both areas, it can be a wonderful option!
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