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  1. I was on the interview waitlist this cycle and just received my rejection! Congrats to everyone who interviewed!
  2. Same here, hopefully we receive interviews!
  3. Has anyone on the interview waitlist gotten any updates/interview invites?
  4. I thought the interview went well. Every faculty member was extremely welcoming and nice, they really just want to get to know you better and make you feel comfortable.
  5. Hi there! I interviewed last Friday, and you are correct it is 11:30MST. Best of luck!
  6. For those interviewing, I live out of state and the interview states that I should log on at 11:30, I want to make sure I don't mess this up, but is it safe to assume that the interview will be in Mountain Standard Time?
  7. Has anyone who was placed on the interview waitlist heard any updates?
  8. I'm sorry to hear that! Thank you for your encouraging words, and goodluck with future interviews!
  9. Did you receive a rejection after being on the interview waitlist?
  10. I was in group 3, got the call around 1:15pm!
  11. Just got my acceptance call!!!!
  12. It seems like everyone who has posted so far has been waitlisted which is really interesting. This is the first time I am hearing about a waitlist just for an interview!
  13. I attended one of the virtual interview sessions, and one of the professors stated that taking the PA-CAT would not have an impact on the decision of our admission. But I feel a little more worried after receiving the email about taking the test! I am choosing not to take it, hoping it wont be a make or break decision in the end.
  14. Got an email that I was waitlisted for an interview as well, hopefully all of us on the waitlist are granted interviews! Good luck to everyone!
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