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  1. Received an interview invitation today, but will not be attending since I got into my top choice program! Hoping this interview slot is available for another candidate!
  2. Again, if anyone wants to join the Group Me group chat with accepted students please let me know This is just a way for us to communicate before the FB group is made! Congrats everyone!!
  3. I can start the Group Me! If you'd like to join, please message me your phone number
  4. Would any accepted students be interested in starting a GroupMe group chat?
  5. Have any accepted students received the email from Certiphi to initiate the background check? I payed my deposit tonight!!
  6. I got two calls from a Newport Beach that I couldn’t answer today, no message was left. Makes me wonder!!! Did anyone get an acceptance email?
  7. I believe there is still another interview date on 1/26 and we will probably hear back after that!
  8. I received an interview invite today for the next round! I actually received one for the first round, but I had to turn it down for personal reasons. I am extremely thankful that they were understanding and they invited me to the second round of interviews. Goodluck everyone!!
  9. It sounds like the waitlist has a great amount of people, I wish we at least knew where we stand on the list! We will just have to wait and see. I have heard of students getting in during the following year application cycle.
  10. Received an interview invite yesterday! I have already accepted at another school, and decided to give up my spot for someone else. Good luck everyone! (:
  11. I was on the interview waitlist this cycle and just received my rejection! Congrats to everyone who interviewed!
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