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  1. Anyone know about their prereq consideration? I know they allow only 1 prereq remaining afrer Dec 31. Would they consider Anat or Phys as one? It sucks cuz their webpage was confusing when they said "excluding" since it could also be interpreted as another prereq in addition to A&P could also be outstanding...any feedback appreciated.
  2. Can some of you who got interviews and/or accepted share your stats? Kinda sucks to hear wrapping up interviews... Thanks & congrats!
  3. Hi was wondering do you know if they're accepted by PA programs in general? Straighterline I mean... are they considered "regionally accredited" whatever the shiz that's supposed to be.
  4. Hi, I'm super confused. So I had applied to Bethel and this week they reached out saying they received my app but that one of my LoRs was missing even though I know all of my LoRs were marked complete by CASPA and my app was verified. They also asked me whether I had fulfilled the min. 40 hours shadowing a PA requirement. I am SUPER confused because when I had looked through the Bethel university PA program web page to make sure I'd fulfilled each requirement I know I had ensured I did meet before I applied and none of it mentioned anything about mandatory shadowing etc... BUT NOW when I
  5. Hi everyone, IMPORTANT QUESTION! So the two questions in CASPA under the Program Materials section for NAU (Mission statement and connections)...are these ACTUALLY the supplemental questions for NAU? I thought suppementals were sent usually after verifying primary CASPA apps??
  6. So the two questions in CASPA under the Program Materials section for NAU actually is their supplemental essay section????
  7. Hi, So I was actually also interested in applying to PA school. For a long while I considered med school but then after much contemplation decided PA might be the best option for me as an individual. However, it's frustrating because like PA school, med school also looks at the overall qualities of applicant, but it doesn't require a set number of hours of PA school. I have a variety of volunteer hours (mainly hospital) and ~50 shadowing hours, plus other volunteer service work in the community. Is it worth it to apply? Or reasonable... honestly would like to but need some feedback.
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