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  1. Did they give any kind of time frame? Or did they say this was the last round or will there be another?
  2. Most acute care settings require ACLS and PALS through organizations backed by the AHA and not NHCPS. Just throwing this out there.
  3. Good to know. On the 8/26 interview they said that last interviews will be last week of October (well Halloween). So thanks for the update
  4. Yep. Wont be notified until November. I'm assuming the second week.
  5. I received an interview invite yesterday! Didn't expect to get one at 2130 on a Saturday lol
  6. So it sounds like waitlisted to me lol....if you're not rejected then I'd wait till you get the rejection letter to ask for feedback. That's just my opinion though.
  7. Just got an application under review email!
  8. Yes, hopefully more will come soon. I wonder if it is legit and other people who already interviewed got it....
  9. I haven't received a thing from USA. Well except the email you stated.
  10. Me too! They technically said 2-3 weeks..right? Lol
  11. They take your CASPA GPA and CASPA does not "replace grades." Some may also look at a BCP GPA and/or a last 30sh or 60sh GPA which can be beneficial for retakes. Generally, for the most part your grades do not replace, but they just combine. Now I may be wrong but this has been my understanding. So I look forward to other responses. but for medical school i think you're allowed a couple replacements. I don't think we are so lucky lol
  12. Agree with above! Some schools rank PCE by quality, but to some PCE is PCE. It is hard for me to think that a school will completely disregard what a candidates PCE is in even if they say they don't rank it. The type of PCE can greatly impact who someone is as a person, the way they think in situations, and overall communication. Just my two cents! Also I think it would be difficult to really compare hours of one to hours of another lol
  13. So i got disconnected at the literal end of the round table. Did I miss anything of note? Hopefully it won't come off as rude.
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