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  1. Ahhh I hope to hear something today as well. Good luck guys!
  2. Well like you said, everyone is different and I guess it would depend mainly on your stats and confidence. With an honest look into my stats I applied to 10 programs and am some what confident... some what... I focused on the schools I felt I would vibe with. I think anything over 10 or 12 is overkill but some people feel better doing the whole "spray and pray" method. Even though that saying doesn't really fit in regard to applications, it still works for me
  3. If it is what you want then do it. There are even some PA to DO programs..i think LECOM has one. There's probably MD ones as well.
  4. Depending where you work...Emergency techs often times have to be EMTs. I just like this idea because you will be able to see care of patients from all specialties from start to admission. You have people close by to always answer questions you may have. Also, for the most part you will work alongside PAs daily and can build rapport with them. Then hopefully get LORs. This is just another option if you get EMT-B. It will depend on the hospital what the scope of practice will be as an ED tech. If i wasn't in the position I'm in currently then I would go that route. The ED teaches you a good amount about everything! Good luck!
  5. Kirby219

    Updating CASPA

    I've read on some programs that they want X amount of PCE by application and others by later in the cycle or start of class. So i guess that would matter but it may not be easy to find. Also, if its the same job and no end date was put into caspa (i think you could put is as "current" experience) then i think application committees would see that. Butttttt if say you have only a few hundred PCE hours then i'd personally add it just to be sure it is listed. I have enough not to really worry but I planned to update every 3 months during the application process until hearing back. I'll be changing jobs every time but even if I wasn't I still probably would update every 3 months. In regard to the volunteering, I would update the hours every so often as well. I do not feel you have to email programs, that is just what I think is appropriate. Once I've updated my apps, the downloaded version to each program has the new information immediately. I understand you would like to make sure they see it, but I hate to bother lol. Just my 2 cents on the subject
  6. agreed with @UGoLong and make sure you want it before you decide lol.. And too add to that eemilii.. Each school had made a list of their own pre-reqs. So look at the programs you want and complete them. But A&P, biology, statistics, and O Chem are basically universal.
  7. Some 5, some 7, some 10, some not at all. I agree that most is the 7+ year. My A&P is 9 years old and I applied to 9 schools that still take it and 1 that does not. I would have applied to more but I didnt see it as being worth it. The schools that have a higher PCE requirements, well specifically the PCE average of accepted applicants, would be the ones that generally like older candidates. Just my opinion
  8. So they responded with... "All of your documents have been received. You will receive an email regarding your application status when your application is processed." I figured I would have heard early about being under review since I applied the first week of may.
  9. I'm in the same boat. Well I got a C in A&P 2 cause I was a foolish freshman. Im hopeful that a lot of quality PCE will count lol im lucky that my degree deals with anatomy and the work I do includes alot of anatomy. Hopefully @Ritzcrackers has a decent GPA some PCE! If those are there and an the Cs can have a little explanation then it'll probably be okay.
  10. Yeah. I emailed late yesterday afternoon. Especially since one of the deadlines is august 7th (at least for supplementals). I'd be so mad at myself if I missed something as silly as that, even though I clearly remember it lol
  11. I mean I'd switch jobs but only if I was upfront with how long I will be there. Which is just how I feel lol because I wouldnt take a new job and then leave in a few months. I feel like 6500 is enough to justify a switch. And I'm not sure what adcoms would think, but what I've heard is generally it's good to have a decent reason why you left direct care. Just my opinion! Good luck. Oh and I guess it depends where you apply if 6500 is average or not! Generally you're safe though lol
  12. I never got an email stating my app is under review or when interviews will be sent. Just one that says my GPA and things meet minimum requirements. It includes the supplemental stuff which I completed. This is all I got though, I hope nothing is messed up.
  13. Hey! So you posted this in the PRE PA area. Im not sure if you put it anywhere else but it belongs in the Professional PA section. Where the people with the ability to answer may see it more quickly and easily. I doubt they frequent the PRE PA area too often, well besides the moderators. I hope they can get you an answer! Sadly I'm still just hoping to get into school, so not much help lol. Good luck!
  14. My story is similar and have virtually no volunteering with the whole school and work situation. This spring was going to be my time to catch up. Some places are opening up but I travel around and my current city is virtually still closed. Hopefully your PCE will help with some schools.
  15. So according to last year this was the first day people received interview invites for GA campus! Let's hope it's the same
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