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  1. If it's more than 5 years old then I believe you would have to take the GRE again, but you're best bet is to email the program and ask.
  2. Yeah it seemed like anywhere between 10-14 days, but don't worry I'm also refreshing my email every 10 mins!
  3. Still no 10/3 invites? Or did they send them out and no one on this forum received one (would be shocking to me). Lol, I'm getting so antsy as you can tell.
  4. I don't think you can share the questions asked. Don't the interviewees have to sign an NDA? But I am also curious to hear how it went and how they formatted/set up an MMI style interview virtually? Hope everyone who interviewed crushed it!
  5. Dream would be GWU. Graduate in December 2020. Main concern is PCE, I know I will definitely be able to get to 1000 (minimum requirement for some schools) before application deadlines, just wanna see if my stats is worth applying yet. Degree will be Biological Sciences BS with minor in Spanish cGPA: 3.929 sGPA: 3.88 (pending Microbiology with Lab) PCE: 702 right now from Chiropractic Assistant Volunteering: 15 hours as English tutor for Spanish-speaking elementary school kids Shadowing: 44 hours of shadowing PAs (surgical oncology) Teaching experience: Anatom
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