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  1. Did you get an email asking if you wished to remain on the waitlist?
  2. Received an email that my application was being held for further review...anyone have any success from this position?
  3. They said they would send out all their results simultaneously. So everyone will find out at the same time if they are accepted/rejeted/waitlisted.
  4. I didn't get one and I also did not get a submission receipt from my first submission back in September
  5. Received the welcome letter on 8/21 and still have not heard back.. anyone in the same boat? Do we think there will be more interviews?
  6. The email to confirm/deny the interview mentioned this... “We have an extremely robust wait list of qualified applicants to whom we would like to offer the opportunity to interview should you decline your interview invite.“ I think the waitlist is to interview since the website states the interview is required for admission.
  7. I meant the welcome letter that you receive after submitting the application. Thanks!
  8. Congrats!! When did you get the welcome letter?
  9. They still have one more week then. Other schools I interviewed at gave responses at the end of the time estimate too.
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