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  1. Is there anyone that applied like late may/early june and haven't heard anything outside of a confirmation email? Like no further consideration email either... Not really sure how to feel lol
  2. Same here I agree, if they're planning on rejecting they should give our rejections while rolling so we don't get our hopes up.
  3. Has anyone got an interview invite recently?
  4. has anyone got an interview this week?
  5. I talked to them yesterday, they said those that applied after 5/20ish will receive a confirmation email within the next 5 business days!
  6. I thought I would start this thread going! Submitted 5/10, Verified 5/13. I received a complete email and access to portal today! Good luck everyone!
  7. I have not. I submitted May 4th and was verified May 13th. I received an email earlier this week saying they conducted a cursory review of my application and needed a transcript with my date of degree conferral but I haven't received a specific confirmation email yet. Are people applying to PA or MPH/PA? Best of luck everyone!!
  8. Could someone help review my PS! I would appreciate it a lot!
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