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  1. Is there anyone that applied like late may/early june and haven't heard anything outside of a confirmation email? Like no further consideration email either... Not really sure how to feel lol
  2. Same here I agree, if they're planning on rejecting they should give our rejections while rolling so we don't get our hopes up.
  3. Has anyone got an interview invite recently?
  4. I talked to them yesterday, they said those that applied after 5/20ish will receive a confirmation email within the next 5 business days!
  5. I thought I would start this thread going! Submitted 5/10, Verified 5/13. I received a complete email and access to portal today! Good luck everyone!
  6. I have not. I submitted May 4th and was verified May 13th. I received an email earlier this week saying they conducted a cursory review of my application and needed a transcript with my date of degree conferral but I haven't received a specific confirmation email yet. Are people applying to PA or MPH/PA? Best of luck everyone!!
  7. Could someone help review my PS! I would appreciate it a lot!
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