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  1. Does anyone know if there is any facebook group or groupme for accepted students?
  2. Hi, thank you so much for all these information, they have been super helpful and I really appreciate you being real about your experience. Can I ask what is it about the program at Western that you did not like? Also would you say a majority of your class from Western were able to find employment after graduating? If so, were they immediately after graduating or after a long time?
  3. Hi everyone, I was recently accepted into two PA programs in Southern California and I am having a hard time choosing which one to attend. I was wondering if there are any PA-Cs or preceptors in this forum who could give me some insights on their experience with PA-S or alumni from these programs. The programs are Western University of Health Sciences and Marshall B Ketchum University. Thank you in advance!
  4. I went through the entire post list but did not find this comparison so I thought I would post about it. I was recently accepted into both programs and am struggling to make a decision. Does anyone have any insights and advice? Anything is appreciated! From my understanding: Western is cheaper but bigger class size, while MBKU is more expensive but there is more of a family feel. I am also very curious as to the reputation and job prospects of the alumni from both programs, if any current PA-C and preceptors could speak on that, it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I was accepted 02/17 from the waitlist. Super excited and grateful. Does anyone know if there is a FB group for the accepted students yet? I am trying to find a roommate to live with.
  6. Is anyone who is accepted planning on attending the summer program? I am thinking about it but want to see everyone else's thoughts on it.
  7. Is there a facebook group for accepted students? If not, would anyone be interested in starting one?
  8. I also got accepted last night! Super excited and definitely shed some tears of joy.
  9. Here’s my stats: cGPA: 3.73 sGPA: 3.69 PCH: 2000~ ish (MA at multiple clinics and hospital volunteer) HCH: 200~ ish shadowing: 60+ volunteering: 150~ (This is excluding my volunteer patient care hours) LOR: 5, one from PA I worked with, 2 from MDs I worked with, 2 from science professors. I’m not sure if it is based on interview or overall application. I felt that I did well on the interview but because it was a group interview and the other two girls in my group were amazing interviewees, I didn’t know if I actually stood out in the interview. Whi
  10. I was also placed on the waitlist and am planning to put down my waitlist deposit. This might be me overthinking, but I was wondering if the time you submit the deposit can affect your ranking on the list? Like the first person to submit the deposit will be placed higher up on the waitlist? Because I am trying to get all my money together so it might take a couple days for me to make the payment.
  11. I also got an accepted email this morning super excited!! Were we supposed to get a phone call too? I got a missed call and wasn't sure if it was from Chatham.
  12. I also got the waitlist email today which I am happy about but I thought the email was kind of weird because it was phrased as if we were accepted. It said that an admissions letter will be sent out to our mailbox in the coming week and we need to put down a deposit. I thought deposits are only for those accepted?
  13. Just got an acceptance email!!! I am so excited and shocked still!! wishing everyone good news
  14. I also received an interview invite for 11/18! Does anyone know how many people gets interviewed per interview day? Also previous comment mentioned that it was only 4 questions but the interview is supposed to be an hour long. Is there more to it than the 6 questions or is it not really an hour long? Also congrats on those getting accepted!!
  15. Does anyone know when we are supposed to hear back?
  16. My interview is scheduled for Oct 8th, so it seems like interview is still going on! Can anyone talk about the format of the interview? Group or individual or MMI. TIA
  17. How many applicants were there during the morning session?
  18. Did anybody receive a rejection letter the day after their interview? I want to know if this is normal? Or did I do something outrageously wrong during the interview.
  19. I am an international pre-pa student currently applying this cycle. I am making a list of schools I will be applying to and I wanted to see which programs have accepted international applicants in the past. If you are an international applicant who got into an US program or have already graduated, would you leaving a comment with what school you went to and where you are from and any other relevant information. Thanks in advance
  20. Hi, I came across your profile on the forum as you mentioned that you are a Canadian citizen working in the US as a PA. I am also a Canadian citizen currently applying to PA schools in the US and I want to know more about the job search after graduation and how to obtain a sponsorship. Do you mind sharing your experiences?

  21. I am a Canadian citizen currently applying to PA schools in the US. I am planning ahead right now as I know I will eventually have to do this after taking the PANCE. Does anyone who attended PA school in the US who is not a citizen have experience with visa and post-graduation job search? Any info is appreciated
  22. Hi, I am a Canadian student who is trying to work in the US as a PA. I was wondering if PA is one of the professions that is included in the TN visa for Canadian citizens? If not, is there any other visa Canadian PAs could get in the US, other than H1B? Also, if there are any Canadian PAs working in the US, I would love to contact you and chat about your experience. Thank you in advance!
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