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  1. I am an international pre-pa student currently applying this cycle. I am making a list of schools I will be applying to and I wanted to see which programs have accepted international applicants in the past. If you are an international applicant who got into an US program or have already graduated, would you leaving a comment with what school you went to and where you are from and any other relevant information. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi, I came across your profile on the forum as you mentioned that you are a Canadian citizen working in the US as a PA. I am also a Canadian citizen currently applying to PA schools in the US and I want to know more about the job search after graduation and how to obtain a sponsorship. Do you mind sharing your experiences?

  3. I am a Canadian citizen currently applying to PA schools in the US. I am planning ahead right now as I know I will eventually have to do this after taking the PANCE. Does anyone who attended PA school in the US who is not a citizen have experience with visa and post-graduation job search? Any info is appreciated
  4. Hi, I am a Canadian student who is trying to work in the US as a PA. I was wondering if PA is one of the professions that is included in the TN visa for Canadian citizens? If not, is there any other visa Canadian PAs could get in the US, other than H1B? Also, if there are any Canadian PAs working in the US, I would love to contact you and chat about your experience. Thank you in advance!
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