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  1. I have had 2 contract reviews with Contract Diagnostics, both were helpful. Just passing along. I don't get paid for this but their entire practice is surrounding contract reviews for medical providers. There's several of them, but I was helped by Jon. https://www.contractdiagnostics.com/physician-contract-review-aw/?utm_term=contract diagnostics&utm_campaign=Contract+Diagnostics+-+Branded&utm_source=adwords&utm_medium=ppc&hsa_acc=2530044110&hsa_cam=6454995974&hsa_grp=78902228524&hsa_ad=397202242546&hsa_src=g&hsa_tgt=kwd-806780013799&hsa_kw=contract diagnostics&hsa_mt=e&hsa_net=adwords&hsa_ver=3&gclid=CjwKCAjw1v_0BRAkEiwALFkj5iNUAWeT9a_ucdwq9449r52aeFSu-c4TH-YSG9MvzYsnZ4NVOLqVORoCQR4QAvD_BwE
  2. I was looking as to how to post telemedicine as a sub forum but couldn't find anything. Very interested in this field. Also interested in the tele triage that I see from time to time.
  3. Same at mine. We're ok'ed for 2 patients a vent, but higher ups through backchannels ok'ed 4 to a vent if necessary. Right now all other measures are being taken prior to intubation, proning, high flow oxygen, coal, etc.
  4. I would be interested. This would give me much more capability in the ER and OR. After working in the ER for 5 years, my ceiling is hospital regulations, often anesthesia procedures. However, I remind myself I don't need to be a one man show...it would be awesome to expand my understanding though.
  5. I'm wondering if you are still doing this type of work, and if you don't mind PM some info. I work in an ER for 5 yrs, and looking to cushion myself as I feel I lost job security with my current employer and this pandemic.
  6. I know the physicians have no profit sharing right now and have 40% pay reduction. Our group is small, physician owned at one ER. As for admin, it's a few physicians, no idea if they cut their stipends right now. I like the end date idea. Hopefully there is some leeway to the addendum to do this.
  7. So after being told we are at least getting our base salary with the low patient volumes of 135 hours, my employer wants us to change our contract hours to 108. This would mean a 20% paycut. On top of the loss of productivity pay, it's closer to 30%. Not sure if I want to sign anything that puts me in a hole. Grateful to have a job I guess.
  8. Ok. I second all the posts above me that you should not have contact or be working with COVID patients or suspected. If your workplace is able to set up ipads and let you do a form of telemedicine, which we have done for our group, then this can allow you to still work. Otherwise time to GTFO.
  9. I have one doc that sent his family to their vacation condo, another living in a hotel, another PA living in an apartment and one doc has his RV parked in the yard. Is living separately feasible if you can afford it? Or something your wife won't support?
  10. Ugh, so now there 200ish Americans dying a day at home in New york. For more (or less depending on your view of journalism) info, see article below. And the stock market rallied because of ' a slowdown'. https://gothamist.com/news/surge-number-new-yorkers-dying-home-officials-suspect-undercount-covid-19-related-deaths
  11. I was actually trying let you know I don't believe you are alone in your thinking, not make you get carpal tunnel ! We're in the same boat, learning with the same goal while trying to not get to overwhelmed with the mass hysteria. I don't think your wasting time. 2 weeks ago my dad thought nothing of it except his retirement, and yesterday I had to calm him down from a 30 minute panic attack that his daughter was working in an ER 2000 miles away. In the end I had to send him a selfie of myself in full PPE. It's what happens to our thinking in a short span of time, one day we believe one thing, and the landscape totally changes weeks later.
  12. I remember a lot of my colleagues having a similar perspective in early January and February. The first time I noticed difference in opinion was when I went to the hospital disaster committee meeting in February. The feeling was so different. There was genuine fear at that time regarding our PPE situation. I had heard the manufacturing centers in China were closed in the news but not specifically the ones producing masks. I'd go to work later that day, and EVERYONE including doctors PA's, nurses, techs, etc dismissing it and acting normal. We also do not work in a major city, we're a smaller regional medical center away from the big cities. It wasn't until Washington was really ramping up in early March that our mood shifted, and several of our docs were traveling still, not listening to colleague advice to cancel their trips. As a result, they came into contact with several positive folks and were quarantined once back home. Mid march now, and still there's a few comparing this to the flu but none in the provider group anymore. At that point Italy was all over the news and social media, and some of our docs were talking to docs from Italy and washington and it was nightmarish what they were experiencing. We can compare numbers all day, and rant about our delayed response, but in the end, a lot of people felt the same way that my ER did in the beginning. We forgot that we don't need to stop our daily lives for the flu, that there a vaccine and Tamiflu, and that we have whole research divisions dedicated to predicting the next strains of the flu to create vaccines for the world. There's so many layers to this pandemic, while we're trying to catch up in the science of this killer, our resources are shot and we can point fingers at china not being honest and sounding the horn too late, but we just don't know enough. While some countries are faring better, others have 10% case fatality rate. What would it really be without the lockdowns, even though some of them were implemented late? 20%? MORE? What if our hygiene was like the middle ages, would it be closer to black plague numbers? I only have one detractor now in the ER, and she watches fox news, wears a Trump hat and she ain't ever going to change. The numbers can't be compared between this and influenza. The situations are totally different at every level. I hope that the deaths will start going down, but I think we're just ramping up here in the states.
  13. Trying to change the topic again, to anything else. Its everyone else's choice on this forum, but old internet wisdom prevails, don't feed the trolls. Anyone in a group utilizing PA's in the downtime for surge planning or training? Wondering how to be of use until my local wave hits. We already put up a disaster tent and are communicating regionally to other ER's for agreements of ethical care, (who gets tubed who doesn't etc).
  14. I'll help you. Can't test for shrooms. Onto a conversation that some of you cited curiosity on before. My workplace just cut PA 12 hours shifts down to 10 and eliminated a triage shift and made that an on call shift. We are still paid our base salary hours. Still getting quarterly bonus (we have a incentive structure for seeing patients and working 'undesirable' shifts that pays out quarterly). Still wondering about the possibility of my group saying bye to the lot of us, but I thank God that I have a savings if that does happen.
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