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  1. This is also happening to me, and I sent my scores on 6/26.
  2. Hey guys ! I submitted at the end of May and have not heard anything. Anybody else ? Is this program rolling admissions?
  3. How is everyone doing ? I applied last week too and have not heard anything. Did you guys hear anything about your application being received? Thank you in advance
  4. Hey! The same happened to me when I was adding volunteering experiences. I don’t know if it’s right, but for the end date I put the following day of the experience. It’s the only why I was able to do it. But obviously kept the hours the same.
  5. Hey! I’m still working on the agreeable/disagreements portion but for the rest I am leaving it the same as in caspa.
  6. Hey guys! For the supplemental application it says like “If your supplemental application status shows GRE scores not received, contact CASPA directly to link your scores with your Duke CASPA application.” mine still shows not received, but ETS said they received it today but I guess it still needs to sync. Should I wait till the scores appear in my application or submit it like that ?
  7. After like 3 weeks to hear back, my request to substitute bio 2 with genetics was denied. I guess they don’t allow it to everyone.
  8. I actually just received an email that I am missing GRE scores !
  9. Nice ! Did they take it ? I’ve been waiting for them to answer my request too.. I guess it just takes time
  10. Oh Okok so they won’t send it until it’s completed ?
  11. Hey guys ! Question, is duke going to send us a link for supplemental or how does it work? Thank you!
  12. Hey guys! I see in their website it says that they preferred one of the LOC to come from a professor. Does anybody how important that is? I only have LOC from 2 PA and one MD. So I am not sure if I should apply because I don’t have one.
  13. MFVC8

    Holistic Schools

    Wow thank you!! I am going to look into these schools now! I never took biology 2, so it makes it harder to find a school that doesn’t require it. Good luck to you!
  14. MFVC8

    Holistic Schools

    Scribing: 1,200 Medical Assistant: 2,800
  15. MFVC8

    Holistic Schools

    Medical scribe in the ER and Medical Assistant in Internal Medicine !
  16. MFVC8

    Holistic Schools

    Hello everyone ! I am doing my research on holistic schools since my sGPA is a 3.01 GRE:300 and PCE: 4,000. If anybody has some insight into some schools that have holistic approaches. Share your story with me ! Interview invites, acceptances, rejections. I would love to know more. Thank you everyone ! ( this is my second cycle and I am planning to submit to 15+ schools)
  17. Hey would you mind sharing the schools that’s offered you an interview ? Thank you!!!
  18. Anybody knows if we can substitute biology 2 with something else ?
  19. Wow !! Congrats. That is amazing. Good luck
  20. I have the same question about biology 2!!! I asked them and they emailed me back saying that they will review this case by case. So they asked to send the class syllabus for genetics to see if they can substitute it. This was over a week ago and no response yet!
  21. Received confirmation email that my application was verified and interviews will be set on January 8, 15, 22 and 29 2021!
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