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  1. I'm a Rocky Grad. This is the cost of tuition only, you also have to add in cost of living allowance, especially as you are not supposed to work while in their program, which is where it really gets pricy. I graduated with just over 200k in debt (a chunk of about 35k was from undergrad. Tuition plus room and board plus compounding interest from all loans from day one adds up fast. My interest rates were 5-7.9% federal loans. Unfortunately higher education in this country is expensive and loans are honestly a bit predatory on students just looking to advance themselves. Many if not mo
  2. @kjavadi Do the residency. I live in Montana and was set on EM (former EMT) and I have now been practicing for 6 years NOT in EM. Montana is tough in getting those positions, you may also need FP experience for a CAH as they cross cover clinic and ED in Montana frequently, even long term care. My current position is connected to a CAH ED and I was hired to cover that (with a doc on site) and the UC... 2 years in I still haven't had a single shift in the ED. I work locums in Alaska in rural solo provider sites and that is the closest I have gotten. The ERs in Montana have extremely low turn ove
  3. I'm interested to hear how it goes! I've been looking at programs too (or maybe even trying for med school) and Butler is top of my list, I want more clinical focus than administrative.
  4. @kjavadi I actually have a pretty good set up right now, just frustrated about the classic "you need PA ER experience but we won't hire you to get it" run around. I could leave to do a residency but I'd lose this cool position, not sure I'm ready for it yet. My new SP this year significantly increased my scope of practice compared to last year so that has been nice, and the hospital is actually handling covid19 incredibly well. There are some new grad jobs here but really they tend to be in non-desirable places or with terrible employers (my first was a roller coaster of emotions and cra
  5. I'm going to be a bit blunt with you, but you will have a very very difficult time trying to find a job here as a new grad without school connections in Park or Gallatin county. Do NOT move here before getting a job offer. It'll hurt you financially. I and several PAs in Bozeman went to Rocky and 4 of them are from Bozeman, 2 out of 4 got jobs through their rotations in Bozeman (one with a second master's degree to get into her specialty, first PA in that department.) One is currently out of state getting experience and hoping to come back. One of the friends struggling to get a job here
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