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  1. Hey friend! I was already accepted. You mean Emily! Congrats Emily lol! Hope you hear soon!
  2. totally understandable! I was the same way! Jumping at every call. Panic and excited and nervous and doubting every second of everyday between my interview and my acceptance. @emilymuff @Arelyy21 @Hkane @Tiera @Shouk @Aselph @Crschr @PAgoalgetter @PrePAABGL to name a few....(sorry if I missed you but this is for all interviewees) I will say two things: 1) they wouldn’t have interviewed you if they didn’t think you were worthy of a seat and you should absolutely relish in that and 2) No matter if you wait 12 more hours or 12 more days when you get the call the wait is worth EVERY SECOND! -Praying for y’all to hear today!!! xoxo Krystal
  3. I’m guessing it was a freak incident. Hopefully it won’t happen again! Glad you got one down! One to go!!! Good luck
  4. I agree with @emilymuff I did mine with pictures behind me on a decorated wall no problem. I will say that I would shut the kittens into another room so that they cannot be a distraction. During a recent webinar or podcast Jim specifically talked about animals being a distraction on camera. Good luck!!!!!
  5. I used my driver’s license and my passport. Do you have a work badge? Really you could probably use anything. The school badge is probably fine too. Don’t stress over this!!!!!! You just get into the right frame of mind to kick butt at this interview! They just need to verify that you are you! Relax!
  6. Hi there! So yes they have had approval for a very large class before. We are the 4th cohort going in and even though they had the ability to take 156 they took way less last year. Every webinar I have attended has said 60-68. This fits the mold way more to me since Yale is really big on providing the best education possible so I don’t imagine they will over saturate the class population without staff to support it. HTH
  7. The supplemental application is on The Caspa app under the program materials. There is no additional app besides that one. The fee is mailed to Yale directly. The address is on the webpage.
  8. Hi. I have been admitted and although this is an open forum where anyone can post anything they want as a whole we haven’t really posted stats so we could focus more on each other as people and as future providers. It’s been wonderful to see everyone and their aspirations without tainting the pool with stats that simply cause us to compare each other and fall into the spiraling vortex of self debt. Anyway! I’m glad to see you found the forum! As far as the resume any format will work. I picked something that I think showed my personality a bit lol. I’m not a bullet point kinda girl
  9. Everyone does get an advisor “assigned” to them. They are very communicative in the admissions office and eager to help you with any questions you may have. I will say that unless you really have a question on the process (and it’s something you can’t find on the website) I wouldn’t call or email a whole lot if you don’t have to but if course that’s up to you! At the point that you are at in the process it’s NOT unusual to not hear anything other than what you have heard so far. There are just so many apps that it takes a while to process. I didn’t hear from my advisor via phone until the interview was offered. And even at this point (I’ve been accepted) most of the communication has been email! Hope that helps a little! Good luck!!!
  10. Hey friend! I’m sorry to hear your news. I’m soooo happy that you have such an amazing attitude about it. You will be a PA! Stay with this. I’m hopeful for you. Let me know if you need anything. good luck
  11. I agree with Em! @emilymuff this is your opportunity to show yourself in the best way. I wouldn’t restate anything either. Tell your story and list why you are amazing and why they should want you!!! Think about what the prompt is asking and answer it wholeheartedly! Good luck!
  12. Hi!!! Welcome and I wanna wish you luck during your interviews! For me I did a mock interview with the PA Platform and also some with another student. Both of these helped calm my nerves the most in my opinion. I think the number one thing you are gonna battle is your nerves so I would focus directly on calming them. First figuring out what location you want to do your interview is key. I have kids so this was tricky for me but I finally settle on a space and made sure to call people on FaceTime and zoom to check what the surroundings looked like. I.e. what items on the wall can you see! Next I practiced organizing my thoughts. I did this by talking to myself out loud while doing mundane tasks and recording myself on video to watch for over used words and mannerisms. Lastly, I focused on BEING myself. I know my personality and know that if they reviewed my app as much as in believe they did they understood and wanted me. So that’s what I gave them. ME. Be yourself. They already want you enough to interview you. There are a tons of apps for this program so they are not gonna interview someone they wouldn’t really consider giving a seat to. As I posted when I received my invite. Be honored. Be humbled. And don’t screw it up lol!!!
  13. This is perfect! Hands busy, mind busy! Your neighbors will be jealous of your well articulated words and your killer hedges!
  14. My interview was June 5th. Accepted (WOOT WOOT!) June 16. I would plan for 2-3 weeks for a decision. I would say the wait from interviews to acceptance is the hardest one and so many are tempted to call or email to ask questions but I would be careful with that. Patience is hard but it is a virtue and the longer they take the more throughly they are reviewing YOU. That how I thought about it anyway. Everyday that they don’t call you is a day without a rejection right? Good luck!!! I am pulling for you!
  15. So I’m not trying to “over talk” at all. I’m explaining options for you to be done with Yale if it is such an annoying school to you. I read well thanks. If you didn’t apply to Yale I’m not sure why you are on this forum. Feel free to exercise your right to post whatever you want I was simply trying to explain that it comes off a little distasteful to casually talk down about a school that so many people on here are trying desperately to be a part of. However, if that is how to want to do it, by all means, feel free. I will not read a post by you again or reach out to try to help you solve a “problem” that is clearly under your control so no worries there. Good luck to you and to whatever school you end up in.
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