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  1. You scheduled it in your own time zone. Where it says 215 CDT is your actual time. Basically pay no attention to the auto email that says “all times are in EST. Your interview will be at 2:15
  2. My app verified at 0150 am in a Friday morning and I got the Yale email and 0636 the same morning
  3. On Caspa under the status tab it will tell you the status of your app until it hits verification status. Once it is verified Caspa notifies Yale that it is and then the rest is on Yale. From what we have seen on this forum once the application is verified Yale will send an email or a call to let you know it is under review. It’s weird they already told you it was under review before you had submitted so I would just watch for the verification and if you don’t get an email saying under review I would contact Sanjay to touch base.
  4. I don’t think you should worry at all. I do think you should follow up. On Caspa what does it say under Yale? If it says complete and you haven’t received the email from Yale then I would contact your admissions counselor and just verify that it didn’t get hung up or if there is a question on something. Don’t worry tho. The Caspa will show you were verified before the deadline! Let us know.
  5. On the bottom of your interview email confirmation page there is a little calendar looking thing. Click on it and it brings up your appointment. On the top in bold is where the number is.
  6. Oh ok. Yeah that’s how mine reads also. I took that to mean You will be the second academic interview that day (Friday). My academic one is #4. My personal one is #2. Mine is midday and the 4th one so I would think that means yours is in the morning since you are second. Someone would be in front of you and between us. I hope I explained that right lol
  7. Yes. I know that part lol. I was referring to the wording on her interview confirmation. Mine says interview #2 which I assume means for that day and she said hers says “interviewER #2” meaning a different interviewER.
  8. Mine is Friday! It is so crazy to think we are one week (or less) away from a life changing experience. Ooooh Goosebumps man!
  9. Hmmm yeah I would call your admissions counselor and just ask if they have received it. Hopefully there isn’t something holding it up! The 25th was a holiday and all but I would just check. We are getting crazy close to the priority deadline!!
  10. Hi! You are fine. I wouldn’t worry. The admissions office said that they review applications and will offer interviews even before the fees are paid. I’m sure they are reviewing yours already. Did you receive the email from Yale saying it was “received and under review”? That’s the only confirmation I received from them until I get an interview invite. Some of the other prospects on here received the email and a call saying the same thing. Received and under review. Hope that makes sense.
  11. I’m sorry to hear that this happened to you! I hope that you don’t give up because sooooo many others who received a rejection are now very successful PAs. That will be you! Is there a reason that Yale is your only choice? If it’s the hybrid thing and not be able to attend a school 8-5 everyday (like me!) then have you heard of UND? It’s different than Yale but something to consider maybe. If not I hope you take this next year to do whatever it takes to get in next year! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!!!
  12. Seriously?!? You are gonna ask them about Stats. After a rejection?? Please private message people if you wanna talk about stats or start a different thread. This thread is for encouragement, info, and support. No stats. People get really crazy caring about stats and no it’s a whole lot of waste because NO single stat matters. Not trying to be rude but this thread isn’t for that. Thank you!
  13. Well that means they are definitely looking at it. That’s great news!!!! I really appreciate that they get right into reviewing the applications. Just shows they are As serious about filling the seats as we are on wanting them!!
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