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  1. Just got an interview! People who just got interviews stay positive!
  2. Hi Guys, Good luck to everyone! I have an interview October 5th! Feel free to reach out to my over DM and ill send you my cell if you wanna get together Remember we are all in this together as applicants, hopefully as future classmates and one day as PA-Cs!
  3. Hi everyone, Has anyone else been getting emails from Duke further inquiring about their applications? This happened about 2 weeks ago and they emailed twice. I thought that this was interested because no other school has done that to me. Good luck! Remember we are all in this together as applications but hopefully also as future classmates!
  4. Hi Everyone, I got an interview for Sept. 14 & 15 and submitted by application May 31. With that being said if anyone is interested in going over interview questions or knows of questions they asked in a previous years, I would love to work together to make this process as smooth as possible. I believe that everything happens for a reason! Remember we are all in this together as applications and later hopefully also as classmates too. If you're interested please feel free to DM me and I can send you my cell
  5. Hey guys, I hope to call a few of you classmates next year! Here is what I've got.... Submitted CASPA - May 31 Verified in CASPA - June 5th Under Emory Review - June 9th Interview offer - June 9th Stats in case anyone is wondering, I know I was curious... GPA - 3.92 GRE - 302 PCE - +2,600 (MA, EMT, EKG, Scribe, Orthopedic Tech) Volunteer - 800 Shadowing - 160 I wish every single one of you guys the best of luck and hope that we all go to schools that being us the most success! May the odds ever be in your favor Patiently waiting
  6. Hi Guys, I just wanted to start a thread because I did not see one for Yale (not online). I am going through the supplemental questions right now! Here are the questions. Hope all is going well with everyone's app! If you guys find any helpful videos or links about Yale feel free to share them! They do not do any information sessions which makes it kind of hard because all we have to go by is their website. . . . . Kind regards, A fellow Pre-PA 1. The Yale PA Program's Mission Statement states: The mission of the Yale School of Medicine Physician Associate Program is to e
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