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  1. a-PA-c I think it would be infinitely easier to introduce PAprofession to anesthesia especially since they are involved in almost every surgical specialty especially Cardiac Surgery. IN some places the PAs do a lions share of the operation. SO if they can do that, (the argument) they should be able to train and deliver anesthesia. Anesthesiologist should not be the only specialty deprived of hiring PAs.
  2. When I first graduated Medical School there were not many NP schools, and certainly NO DNP school. I had never even met a NP in medical school and that was exactly 20 years ago in the late 90s. There were PharmDs on rounds however. And there were a number of PAs that I met. Fast Forward, 20 years there are over 400 NP schools granting DNP and you see how much legislative progress they have made. Same thing for this concept, there is no reason that there shouldnt be at least 50-75 PA (Anesthesia) programs across the country supporting their physician colleagues in anesthesia with the
  3. Im sorry to offend, didnt mean to and it was not meant to denigrate nursing. There is really no need for BSN to have Organic Chemistry but i could be wrong. At any rate, can you please post the curriculum for BSN when you got it or just tell me the school so i can review it.. Thanks
  4. Lt meant to say that CRNAs have an RN degree prior to attending CRNA school, and to obtain an RN degree very rigorous science courses are NOT required. I would venture to say less than 10 percent of RN schools require Gen Chem with a lab (a full year) never mind physics or orgo. That is all anesthesia is, is chemistry Anesthesiologists want to expand AA education and opportunities but politically it is difficult based on the foregoing reasons. (push back from crna lobby etc etc). PAs are licensed in every state if I am not mistaken, why would not an argument made to have an academic cen
  5. How is it different from Physicians who have little initiation in ANesthesiology before residency? It would be an 12-18 month program.. Believe me it is totally doable. The question is, whether there would be any interest.
  6. I am an Anesthesiologist and had some thoughts about the PA profession and was asking myself why PAs were not involved in the anesthesia profession save for the AAs that are practicing in a limited amount of states and to get the AAs licensed in all 50 states would take a huge legislative battle. My question to the group is: Do you think there would be interest in graduating and practicing PAs to enter a 12-18 month intensive anesthesia (residency) training program to supplement the CRNA staff. Training PAs vs (trying to get AAs licensed in every single state) would be a lot easi
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