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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/272395997850901/ I just made one!
  2. Yes, she said she would be sending acceptance letters on Tuesday!
  3. I mean from their last zoom meeting in February they said they hold about 70 spots each year but I can’t see why that would change this cycle.
  4. I definitely feel like they will be calling tomorrow since it’s still a business day and 70 spots is a lot to call in just one day!
  5. I got an acceptance call this morning too!! SO happyy!!!
  6. Anyone else super disappointed with the way the interview was structured? They asked me absolutely nothing about myself.. I was shocked! I interviewed at other schools and I feel like I had a 180 experience. I understand the reasoning for some of their questions, but the overall experience was very impersonal and short. They didn't even share any information about the program, I was like whats going on lol. If I get placed on the alternate list I will drop it.
  7. I never received that message. Perhaps they are still doing interviews?
  8. just received one for the 10th! wonder if anyone knows if this will be for waitlist or if there are still seats open? Good luck to everyone
  9. also wondering this!! Also can we use headphone during it? Like airpods?
  10. I think it should update right away..if it does not update by tomorrow morning I would email them!
  11. Hi I got one for Sep 8th! What does that mean, "complete it by the 23rd?" You do them separately? Please explain
  12. Okay thanks! Did you get a conformation back from them that they have your forms on file?
  13. Hi! Yes super interested in this school as well. I would prefer to stay in my home state, but I really like the tech they have and the faculty seems super welcoming.
  14. Yes I would definitely email them! My transcript wasn't uploaded for weeks and I had to email them twice to get a response and for them to locate my transcript. Be patient, but definitely not sure why they lose transcripts like that...
  15. I hope it goes well! Are they online like through zoom?
  16. Hey does anyone know if we can email our shadowing/clinical/volunteer experience through email? I currently do not have access to a fax machine. Thanks
  17. Hi just thought I would get this started! Good luck to everyone applying!
  18. Hey guys, when it asks to list reasons for applying in the program materials section, did you actually list them like bullet points or write a brief statement? The 9999 character limit just confuses me. Thanks and good luck!
  19. During an online meeting they said about 1,000- something pretty close to how much an average school gets. They said it usually narrows down to about 600 after prerequisite checks.
  20. Can someone please explain the verifying process to me? I see some people being verified by CASPA in a couple days and I am at a week now. Idk why but im getting nervous!
  21. Anyone know how interviews will go this year? I know a couple schools (not in MI) said they will do zoom interviews. Do you think it will be the same case for most? Good luck everyone!
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