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  1. Its contingent upon completion of all prerequisites. My prerequisites has already been completed so i guess no need to sweat about it.
  2. I applaud you on going on this forum and discussing what is going on inside the program. I think applicants should be aware of the good and bad with any program they are going to. At the end of the day, you are paying for what you get. Its hard to stay in a place where you do not want to be for 27 month. I would suggest if thats your only option is to stay and try to figure away to make changes in the system.
  3. I have made a desicion to withdraw from the current PA program i am in and move to the other program. I have already been accepted to the 2nd program. Do i have to send a transcript to 2nd program or its not necessary since i can not transfer any credits between programs.
  4. Do you think that this case for all PA programs ? I wonder if thats the case with all programs. Do you think higher prestigious schools like Duke, unc or other higher ranks schools have better teaching
  5. Content given does outline the material but many of the concepts are not in the power point. One example, we are being asked about antibiotics when we were never taught. She has 8 to 9 classes a semester and so far she pushed 2 classes to summer lol. I am doing well in my other classes so far. As for micro, I am studying USMLE Medical school stuff so i can get a 70 on her exams. I spoke with them but the issue never resolves. I was not sure if thats normal in PA school to study material from everywhere just to fail. As for withdrawing, I can withdraw from the program i am currently attend
  6. Its a new program that just started this january. I can tell you if you PM me. I am just unsure of what i should do. We have 20 chapters for physiology exam next week on stuff that were not taught to us. I study from the book and thats all i can do. I spoke with the director about the professor not telling us what to study from and i am still running into the same situation
  7. My situation is that i am currently attending a program that is new and they have changed the instructor for physiology. They change the exam style from test bank to a made up test without us knowing. I will get used to a certain style of studying to find its not useful 1 or 2 weeks thereafter. Instructors do not explain anything, all they do is just read from the power points. I have failed 2 exams in microbiology so far since we started in January. I am an A student in undergrad with a 3.8 gpa and never failed an exam. The microbiology instructor gives us 4 books to study from and say study
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