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  1. Congrats to everyone who was accepted so far. I was also accepted this morning!
  2. I withdrew my 11/19 interview earlier today since I have made my decision to go elsewhere. Hope this provides one of you an opportunity to interview this week! Good luck to the rest of you!
  3. Yeah I haven't heard anything either. I interviewed with them ~ 1 month ago (Oct 12). I thought they said they would get back to us no sooner than 4 weeks because they review interviewees in groups instead of after each session.
  4. I believe they said they are reviewing applicants in groups so we might not hear back for a while. Can't remember exactly, but I think they said like 3-4 weeks or no sooner than 4 weeks.
  5. Hey! I can give you a quick overview of the process. They sent out a detailed schedule before the date with specific times for the introduction/Q&A, two 1-on-1 interviews, closing remarks, and current student Q&A. There also attached links to YouTube videos about the program to watch at home so that we focused more on Q&A in the time allotted. In addition, there's an essay and short survey that you have plenty of time to complete before the end of the session. Just be yourself! All the faculty and students were super friendly and encouraged us to ask questions about the program.
  6. Hey I applied to this program this cycle and think they require for applicants to have a minimum of 1400 paid patient care hours in order to apply/be considered. I'm not sure if this is reassuring, but I got an interview this cycle with barely over 1400 hours of PCE at the time of submission.
  7. I received an interview invite for 11/13 as well :)
  8. Thanks! I don’t mind sharing that info. They received my CASPA app on 5/19. I got the forward to the second level of evaluation on 6/16, the interview offer contingent on my course syllabi on 9/24, and then the call on 10/1.
  9. I also received an interview invitation today for Nov 2-3!
  10. Congratulations to everyone accepted so far! I received an email today granting me an interview, contingent on the evaluation of my Gen Chem syllabi. Fingers crossed for good news tomorrow or early next week For those wondering, I took Casper first week of May, submitted my CASPA app in mid May, received application confirmation email 5/26, and received the second level evaluation email 6/15.
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