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  1. Update: I emailed Dr. Hadley after getting home from work today (5pm). He responded to me this evening at 7pm, stating that I was on the Hold List and the official email (with more details) for that has not been sent out yet. I appreciate the fact that he got back to me this evening and took the time to reassure me about the Hold List in his response. It made me feel at ease and hopeful!
  2. Thanks for the advice! After posting earlier I decided to email Dr. Hadley! I’m glad I’m not the only one who didn’t get any notification or hear that we would get one within one week.
  3. Congrats to everyone who got in! I interviewed last week and have not heard anything from them. Anyone else in the same situation? I know acceptances have been given out. Is it too soon to follow up with them? I want to know my status, even if it means I’m denied or on hold. Thanks in advance!
  4. Congrats to everyone who received an interview invite! I also received one :)
  5. I called the school b/c I was having issues scheduling my date. The lady told me there are about 6 students per date.
  6. Thank you for answering! I'm glad to hear everyone has come together like family, especially during this time. Good luck with your classes!
  7. CASPA submitted May 25th Confirmation May 26th (GRE scores received by May 28th since I sent them on the 25th) Under review August 5th Interview offer August 20th STATS: I know someone else asked for stats. I'm happy to share my stats, but I have to disclaim this: My stats are just numbers. There is so much more to me (and each applicant for the matter) that is beyond these numbers. 22 (almost 23 y/o), Maryland resident, graduate from the University of Maryland College Park (B.S General Biology), first cycle applying cGPA: 3.91 (non-science GPA: 3.86, science GPA: 3.94) GRE 307 AW 4.0 (tanked verbal 149, quant 158) - I took it less than a week before COVID officially became a pandemic. I wanted to re-take it but I felt iffy about the at-home testing and had personal/family stuff going on at home. PCE (at time of application): ~1400 hours ER Medical Scribe, 144 hours Pulmonary Rehab volunteer **Working as a MA now - updated my application last week after receiving the under review email. Now have about 2000 hours of PCE. Not sure if they took this into account or not since some schools do not look at them. Shadowing: ~70 hours (1/3 of hours with MD, rest with PAs in out-patient setting) Other Work Experience: 2000+ hours as a lead server in a retirement community Non-Clinical Volunteering: 100+ hours Extracurriculars: NCAA DIII Women's Soccer Athlete (1 year before transferring schools), Honor's program, CHAARG (an exclusively women's workout organization), UMD Transfer2Terp organization, Pre-Med Society, Research, etc. Held a few leadership positions in the organizations I was involved in. 5 LOR's: 2 PAs and 1 MD I worked with a lot in the ER, A&P II Professor, and Volunteer Coordinator Repeat disclaimer: Stats are just numbers. I'm not perfect, but I am confident in my abilities and certain that I want to go to PA school/become a PA! Again, I am super grateful for this opportunity! I'll admit - I have compared myself to previous class stats and felt awful, especially b/c of my verbal score. USF is very high on my list of PA schools and I still took the chance even though I thought it was a stretch for me. I hope this information is somewhat helpful (either stats, my disclaimers, or both). Good luck to everyone else applying this cycle!! - Ashley
  8. Hi! Thanks for offering to answer some questions! I actually have a few about the program. You don't have to answer them all if you do not want to. 1) How many (or what percentage) students are considered out-of-state? 2) What do you like most about USF PA program? 3) What types of opportunities are there for PA students to be more involved in the community? (Ex. participating in clubs, volunteering, bonding with the class)
  9. Received an email informing me I received an interview and they will reach out with more information in early Sept to schedule! Could not be more blessed for this opportunity!
  10. Congrats to everyone who received interviews!! I received an interview invite today as well!! I will be interviewing Tuesday October 6th!!
  11. Has anyone who completed the supplemental app received a call about scheduling the interview?
  12. Received an interview today! Scheduled for 9/11. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Towson’s site says they give it out to those who get an interview. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Hey! I submitted mine in May and haven’t heard back yet. Based on the timeline posted on their website, I think this is normal: https://health.usf.edu/medicine/pa/prospective-students/application-timeline It basically says that applications are reviewed between now and November and interview invites are sent out in September. Hope this kind of answers your question!
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