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  1. Just received a no interview rejection, verified mid july. I have been accepted to my top choice though, congratulations to everyone:)
  2. I just received an interview invite this morning, I was verified July 20th!
  3. Just received my acceptance from the 10/9 interview I am over the moon!
  4. On the CASPer website it says that Hardin Simmons requires snapshot, I have already interviewed, how important is this and have any of you guys done it?
  5. It was great meeting you all in the interview this morning, now the wait game begins
  6. Most of it was very straight forward there was only like one question that threw me off for a second, nothing too crazy!
  7. It is very relaxed, you have 2 one on ones that are ~15ish min each and a group interview and student panel. I had breaks in between.
  8. I also got an interview invite! Are interviews pretty laid back & traditional ?
  9. Just making sure, it is only a group interview correct? Did you guys get the email today that says the group interview is only 5 question long?!
  10. I just received zoom invites for the individual interviews, but not an overall schedule, and still no headshot request.
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