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  1. Hey guys. Anyone else wondering about when MU's accreditation review will be? I know they mention March on their website, but I'm just anxious to hear what their program status will be
  2. @cmac11019 I haven't heard back yet either. They seem a bit behind and a little unorganized tbh. I submitted my app so long ago and there were so many issues with them receiving the supplemental fee and even me being able to access my portal. I'm sure with everything going on they've been overwhelmed, so I wouldn't be surprised if it takes them longer to send out interview invites
  3. Received an acceptance! So excited to meet everyone Does anyone know if there's a Facebook group for accepted students?
  4. @femeredith I haven't heard anything yet! I'm getting a bit anxious, I applied last cycle and was offered an interview the day after I received a verification email. However, I did apply on the later side in March. I'm thinking maybe they're not rolling and wait until closer to their deadline to begin interviews.
  5. I'm in the same boat! I just applied again to be proactive. I also emailed admissions just to see what they had to say about reapplying. The only thing they mentioned was in the event that a waitlisted applicant is accepted to the previous cycle they would be removed from the current cycle applicant pool.
  6. I figured I would start this thread. Good luck everyone!
  7. Hello! Has anyone who had an interview in March heard back yet? I had a virtual interview 3/18 and still haven’t heard anything
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