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  1. CONGRATS!! I am still waiting to see if I even get an interview, the waiting is dreadful haha.
  2. Are they still doing interviews, I haven't gotten any updates from Bay Shore and Manhattan.
  3. I applied back in June and received a confirmation and payed the processing fee for supplementals, but since then I have not yet heard anything about the status of my application. Anyone else still waiting to hear about a possible interview??
  4. Congrats!! My interview is tomorrow!
  5. Thank you for clarifying that for me, I really appreciate it!!
  6. I am current a senior at an Undergraduate university and I graduate in May. Will this affect me if they begin in April. I emailed Spain about the Biochemistry and she stated "If you are selected for the program you will until the end of summer 2021 to complete the biochemistry course." I just want to get all the dates straight, because if I am selected for the program I will take the Biochemistry but if not there is no other incentive for me to take it.
  7. Quick Question: I received an interview yesterday but I am concerned because I was not able to complete it Biochemistry during the Summer of 2020 like I planned because it was canceled due to COVID-19, thus I currently do not have that Prerequisite complete. Is there a select date upon which the program requires all prerequisites to be completed? In addition, when would this cycle for the program open.
  8. I had my interview on Nov 2nd and found out today (12.08) that I was waitlisted. I am also waitlisted from the PLV campus (Interview 8/13 - Waitlisted 8/19). I am hoping I get into one of the programs. If anyone has been taking off the waitlist for either of those programs, please let me know.
  9. Same here, it feels like I submitted so long ago and haven't even hear any updates.
  10. Got an interview invite today, earliest date I got was NOV 2nd!
  11. ACCEPTED! Congrats to everyone else!
  12. I am currently in my senior year of Stony Brook University on Long Island, NY. How about you?
  13. Did you just do your research on the program by looking into their website since we can't reach out to previous cohorts. I am assuming the group interview will be a team building exercise!!
  14. My names Krupa! Excited to meet you too!! Interested to see how this interview goes and the set up.
  15. Anyone else have an interview tomorrow, 8.27th! Looking forward to it but don't know what to expect because it is a new program.
  16. I got an email to interview today as well! Anyone know how many students they generally accept. I know applicants have already been accepted.
  17. Anyone know when they send out ranks for waitlist or from previous cohorts how many people get waitlisted?
  18. I just received an email stating I was waitlisted. Upsetting but still holding on to hope
  19. I reached out to them and they begin around the 3rd week of May and when I explained my situation, they said that they are aware several students might encounter that issue so they will accommodate according, which is relieving to hear.
  20. Hello, it states that their start date is in the beginning of May in the interview powerpoint they sent me with my interview invite. I am going into my senior year and will be graduating around May 20th. Does this affect me?
  21. I just copy pasted my original personal statement and for the verification I did all my experiences, thats just what I did!
  22. Does anyone know how the set up for the interviews is going to be, this is my first interview for a PA school and I feel like its more pressure because it is online, anyone have any information?
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