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  1. Hey all! Just submitted my application! Good luck to everyone
  2. Thanks! That's what I figured but it was worded kind of strangely. Appreciate the quick reply!
  3. Hey everyone! I'm planning on applying for this scholarship the upcoming cycle, and I was wondering if anyone knew if this requirement: Have not previously applied for or received waivers of financial obligation for any federally sponsored scholarship program. Means that I can't apply for other similar scholarships? I was planning on applying for the NHSC scholarship as well, but this seems to say I can't? Has anyone ever applied for both? Thanks so much in advance!
  4. Congrats! There is already a Facebook group, they will add you once you pay the deposit! So excited to meet you all!
  5. Received an interview invitation last night, but will be declining, as I have already been accepted at a top choice school elsewhere. But that means they are still sending out interview invitations, so for those who haven't heard back, don't give up hope!
  6. I also received a phone call followed by an email. However, I will be declining my interview spot because I am already accepted at another school. Maybe they are doing it in waves throughout the week? I was honestly kind of surprised by the phone call as well, it was really thoughtful and not an automated call, over a minute long.
  7. Hey all! Received an acceptance offer this morning for the Meridian campus, but I will be declining to pursue a different school. Hope this opens up a spot for some other deserving applicant!
  8. Turning down my acceptance to Midwestern, hope this opens up a spot to another deserving applicant! Good luck in your journeys y'all!
  9. It was two interviewers per applicant, no group or MMI. All of the questions were pretty straightforward and get-to-know-you questions, both in the sense of personality and who you are as an applicant. Yep! From California.
  10. Hey guys!! I am so excited to say that I got the acceptance call from admissions today! I plan on accepting the spot! Good luck to everyone else!
  11. Yep! Just paid my deposit yesterday! Got an email about 2-3 days after the accepted checklist was available, and also got a acceptance letter in the mail.
  12. Thanks so much, that is really kind of you to say! Good luck in your application journey as well!
  13. So fun! Hopefully we will see each other on Zoom! I 'm in the morning session, are you? And from what I saw, they have at least a panel interview with one applicant and two interviewers, but other than that I'm not sure!
  14. Oh my goodness! I have the accepted student checklist as well!! No call or email either, but wow, so excited!! this is my first interview/acceptance!!!
  15. We were told via email, the email that is listed on your CASPA application. I applied May 31st, and was verified by Pacific a few days later. Got the interview invite 9/17.
  16. Oh my goodness, just received an invite as well! I am SO excited, Pacific seems like an amazing school! Interviewing 10/10!
  17. Hey all! I'm from California and was wondering if anyone knew the similarities/differences between the Pocatello, Meridian, and Caldwell campuses? Both in terms of living in those cities, and how each campus is unique. Thanks so much!
  18. Received an interview invite today! They said they would call to schedule. So excited for everyone!
  19. Me Too!! I figured it would be in the next couple of days!
  20. There was an initial email with the interview invite, and then you go to the portal to schedule. Hope that helps!
  21. For reference my stats were: GPA 3.98 sGPA 3.95 Last 60: 3.97 Experience hours: 2,100 as EMT and Ophthalmic Technician hope others have more luck!
  22. Just recieved a rejection as well! Bummer, but good luck to everyone else!
  23. Received an interview invite last night as well! Scheduled for September 17th, and it will be all online! So excited for everyone!
  24. Hey all! Best of Luck! Applied 5/31, Verified 6/2!
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