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  1. I believe it is calculated with everything I ever took. Undergrad gpa is 3.2, MS gpa is 3.7 and pharmacy school gpa is 3.4. My post-bacc gpa with 50 credit hours was 4.0. There is no way my gpa drops to 2.91. As I explained above, the way CASPA calculated my pharmacy gpa is what's causing the problem. Waiting on their response so we shall see.
  2. Well turns out CASPA calculates gps unfairly. If a school has numeric grading system then CASPA converts in into letter grades without +/-. Even though my other schools have letter grades with +/-, my pharmacy school has numeric grades on transcripts and CASPA gpa scale totally screwed up the overall gap. i.e. if you have 88 for a class which should be considered B+ or 3.5ish, CASPA converts it to B or 3.0. Thankfully I was able to get a conversion chart from the pharmacy school and sent that to CASPA explaining how they need to recalculate my gpa. Based on my calculation, my overa
  3. That's actually good to hear since CASPA needs to recalculate my gpa. Btw, anyone else having this issue with CASPA? I'm having to send transcripts from multiple schools and all but one school is using letter grades with +/-. One of the schools is using a numeric grading scale. CASPA converts numeric grades into just A, B, C etc without +/- which seems very unfair. So if you have 88 (3.5ish on 4.0 scale) instead of getting a B+, you get a B which is 3.0 on CASPA gpa scale. So you just went from a B+ student to a B student... wtf? Wouldn't this be detrimental on screen process?
  4. I may have misunderstood. There is no set gpa it looks like but it does state "Applicants must achieve a minimum overall GPA of 3.0 as calculated by CASPA" Not sure if this would be considered a requirement or just a guideline to encourage students with higher gpa to apply.
  5. For those who got accepted, I am applying in this cycle and wanted your thoughts. If I have an overall gpa below 3.0, is there a chance that I can get auto-screened out?
  6. The beauty is in the wait, no? lol Once you get an interview and get accepted, the emptiness will bore you I'm sure. haha I imagine covid19 may have an affect in this process. We shall see.
  7. Anyone know how long it typically takes for schools to send out an interview invitation once they receive the application?
  8. So basically, once it was verified by CASPA on 5/15, it was sent to school and the school sent you an email stating that they're reviewing your application on 5/12? Did you only apply to UNT or other schools?
  9. Hello all, I know there is a pre-PA section on this thread but I felt that this would be a better place to ask this question. I would appreciate any advice from those who has experience in school admissions. I am a practicing pharmacist who wants to become a PA. Just finished CASPA and was verified. The school I want to apply to states that applicants must achieve minimum of 3.0 overall gpa based on CASPA. My overall CASPA gpa turned out to be 2.9. I think this is because they are including all my classes such as a bunch of retakes in undergrad and pharmacy school classes (Most
  10. I submitted mine on 6/1. Mine may take longer since they probably have ALOT to verify lol
  11. Has anyone got their CASPA verified already? I chatted with them today and was given a generic answer which was it usually will take 2 weeks so patiently wait haha
  12. No, I don't think it will be pointless at all. I think what they mean is we should submit it as early as we could since it's rolling admission. When I was interviewing candidates as a second year pharmacy student, we would interview until the very last day of deadline date. Since deadline is September, I would say applying before July would be safe. Seems like CASPA takes about 2-3 weeks to verify and send the application to schools.
  13. As someone who already went through a professional school, I am a pharmacist, there is no way to tell if anything you listed will get you in or not. I have a BS in biology, MS in neuroscience, 4 years of clinical research experience, 2 publications both of them second authors, and 5 years of experience as a pharmacist. Do my gpas even matter at this point? lol Im going to say some schools will think I am over qualified or some schools may not even look at my application due to low under grad gpa, 3.2, and think I am not a good candidate even though my post grad pre-req pga is 4.0. Who kn
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