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  1. Welcome! Glad you decided to join. I am sure there are other guys out there watching who just haven’t posted yet!
  2. Thanks for trying to encourage those of us still waiting! That does help a little bit. Trying to stay hopeful! Do you have any idea how many acceptances they offered? I know there were 6 on this forum but obviously there are people who don’t know about this forum. Not that it matters just curious. I am trying so hard to be patient bc I am sure they have so much to consider! I am really hoping we hear something tomorrow.
  3. Congratulations!! When did you get called? Last night or this morning?
  4. Congrats to everyone who got a call!! I am so happy for you guys!! I wonder if they will do more calls tomorrow or if that was it for this round? I haven’t heard anything yet so still crossing my fingers I get a call and can join you guys!
  5. I saw it was Thursday and then the next round went out on a Tuesday but couldn’t make it lost the time. Thanks for finding this!
  6. Haha me too! Does anyone know from past years what time of day phone calls went out?
  7. We don’t know, just a guess! Based off of what some interviewers told people who had interviewed, we could get acceptance, rejection and wait list notifications this week or next. Then based off of last years forum @Jlnisbett found that the next round of interview invites went out the week following the first round of acceptances. So we are just wishful thinking over here! Who knows what any of that means for this year, but here’s to hoping!!
  8. Which IPad did you get? I have heard the notability app on the iPad is extremely helpful for Notetaking and studying in PA school!
  9. Hahaha I know, I just want to be able to answer if they call . But yes hopefully this no service business won’t last long!
  10. No judgement at all! Thank you for the info. I literally thought about doing that earlier today, but hadn’t gotten there yet!
  11. Thanks for that! My husband was like ummm I bet they would leave a voicemail .
  12. I think that as the cycle goes it will take longer for everything to get processed and for Yale to notify you that your app is under review. Mine happened the same day within hours but I applied super early in the cycle. I have seen on the thread that it has been taking longer, so I wouldn’t worry about it. If you don’t hear something soon then I would reach out to admissions. I also know they aren’t reviewing applications until they receive your supplemental fee. Have you gotten aN email saying your fee was processed?
  13. Freaking out a little. T-Mobile is down across the nation so even if Yale called me right now they wouldn’t get through! I am so paranoid I am going to miss a phone call!
  14. Monday morning... let the seriously obsessive phone babysitting begin . Good luck everyone!
  15. Yes, such a good attitude to have!! The program you get into will be lucky to have you!! Good luck on the rest of your application cycle!
  16. So sorry you guys! That’s hard, but something great will come for each of you! Had you had an interview?
  17. Was this for the automatic transcript entry that you pay caspa to do?
  18. Oh my goodness you are still so early! I know a girl who applied in August interviewed in October and was accepted. Congrats on the being on a waitlist!
  19. Waiting is hard. Really hard. BUT I was just thinking if we compare the next few weeks or months, depending on where you are in the process, to the amount of time we have spent preparing for this, then it’s nothing! Just a few more weeks!
  20. In all of their webinars Yale admissions has said they are only admitting 60 students, so I am curious about what will end up happening... 156 looks like that would be a big jump but it would definitely be nice to know there are that many spots available! Also, I did some digging last night and it looks like acceptances and denials went out right around 2 weeks and then right around 3 weeks after the first round of interviews. So back to patiently waiting I go .
  21. Does anyone know from last years thread how long after interviews the acceptance, waitlist, or denial notifications went out? I was told 1-2 weeks by admissions but then an interviewer told my sister 2-3 weeks. Neither of my interviewers mentioned anything about timeline and I am trying to set my expectations . I nearly have a heart attack every time my phone rings or I get an email!
  22. Don’t be discouraged at all! Only one round of interview invites has gone out and there will be many more going out. I would guess the next round will go out in the next week or two!
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