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  1. No, what @Krystalized said is correct. The time listed is the actual time of the interview already converted into your time. So 2:15 Central Time is when your interview is. I called Sanjay last week and he confirmed that the statement in the email saying all times zones were listed in Eastern time was a mistake.
  2. I was surprised too! They said that they try to let people know quickly so that they can plan accordingly. I am so thankful for that!
  3. They told me 1-2 weeks after the interview they would notify each person if either acceptance, waitlist, or denial.
  4. Sorry I quoted the wrong thing! My reply above was meant for this! I just know this info because I spent a while figuring it all out last fall
  5. Yes, I think the issue is covering all of the topics not necessarily covering them in a specific level of detail. So all of the required topics are covered by most Intro Ochem classes but not all of the topics are covered only Ochem 1. Ochem 1 covers fewer topics in greater detail but in order to learn all of the required info you would need Ochem 1&2. That being said an intro to Biochem or a regular biochemistry class would probably cover the required topics. I only took biochemistry and mine counted. My school didn’t have a 1&2 it was just biochem so maybe if you could find something like that it would work!
  6. Thank you! I got an email in the morning and a phone call later that day.
  7. My application was verified last Monday and I received the email saying my supplemental application fee was processed this morning, after I got my interview invite. I mailed my fee on the 7th and only got the email they received it today.
  8. Yes, all of the interview dates I had to choose from were at the beginning of June. I am sure it’s just the first round of emails with many more to come as they review applications!
  9. I hadn’t checked my email yet, but I just got an interview invite!!! Ahhhh so exciting! Congrats to all of you guys who got an interview too!!
  10. I am pretty sure your full application just has to be submitted by June 1st. I don’t think your transcripts or LORs have to be in by the date either. When I asked that is what they told me but I would definitely clarify if I were you by calling admissions.
  11. When admissions called me they said it takes 3-4 weeks once your application goes into review by Yale. So 3-4 weeks after we got the email from Yale. He gave me an estimated time of beginning to middle of June. He said it may happen sooner but it’s rare because of the volume of applicants. Even knowing this I am checking my email every 5 minutes though .
  12. Yes, being positive is definitely the way to go! No use doing anything other than encouraging each other, since no one else really understand what we are going through. I am from Houston, Texas. First cycle applying too!
  13. After rereading my post, I don’t think I clearly communicated what I was trying to. I was meaning if you are one of the people who didn’t get a phone call, I would not read into it at all
  14. I also got a call telling me my application was under review and asked if I had questions. Then they asked me some questions and let me know what to expect about timing for next steps, either interview or denial. It didn’t seem like a big deal or like I was chosen for any reason. I feel like throughout the whole process they have always tried to be very personal so I would be surprised if they randomly call some people, as they can...
  15. Well that’s good to know! They said it takes 3-4 weeks to grade so that makes sense. I guess I will just keep being patient!
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