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  1. Not sure how many were accepted from the waitlist last year, but deposits are due by February 19th!
  2. Suggesting those who received interviews and were accepted into the program were only selected because they are a veteran seems a little unfair. Perhaps those applicants just had a stronger application than you did. There were over 2700 applicants for 48 seats. This program is insanely competitive. None of the classes have been 100% Veterans. So, if you feel like you have a strong enough package don’t let not being a veteran stop you from not reapplying.
  3. I declined my interview invite this morning! Good luck everyone!
  4. I got in as well! Cannot wait to meet everyone & huge CONGRATS to you all!
  5. I don’t believe so...they’ve only ever mentioned the four interview dates in January.
  6. I haven’t received any additional emails either. I was assuming we’d be assigned groups when we got there!
  7. It wasn’t a generic email, it was in response to a specific question regarding my application! I’m sure you can reach out to her to verify
  8. I received an email from Desiree on Monday that they would be reviewing applications this month and extending interview invites via email if selected! I believe there are only 9 seats filled from their first round of interviews.
  9. herter001@gannon.edu this is the one for the Ruskin campus!
  10. Thank you so much for this!! Such a great outlook to have and I’m sure I’m speaking for many when I say I truly appreciate the support! Even though I was fortunate enough to land an interview, I empathize with those that didn’t because this cycle was SO TOUGH. Be proud of yourselves for even pursing such a competitive career. We got this! Good luck everyone
  11. Awesome! I’ll be sure to post if I hear anything. Good luck!
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