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  1. Yes, it’s for a full time position. OR and hospital rounding days can end up being up to 50 hours a week. Located in northwest Indiana near Chicago. 401k- employer match contributions after the completion of one year of service and 1,000 hours. CHS matches 100% up to the first 3.75% you contribute to the 403(b) plan. After five years of service, CHS will match 100% of your 403(b) deferral up to 4.5% . No mention of malpractice. I need to get back to her on that. In the moment, I wasn’t prepared to ask questions on the spot. But I let her know that I’d be in touch after a few days s
  2. Here are the details of my offer. There really wasn’t much to it and I have no idea where to start with negotiations and what I need to bring up. My concern is that the salary is a little on the low side. Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated! Details include: 92k salary 24 days PTO 5 days CME 2k CME
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