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  1. I received an interview invite for this program yesterday. I am declining due to being accepted elsewhere, but I did just want to remind you guys to check your promotions/spam folders because thats where I found the interview invite! Good luck to all!
  2. Thank you so much!! I heard back from Mr. Dehn and interviewed on 9/28.
  3. Just received the acceptance call! So excited!! Good luck to everyone else still interviewing and/or waiting to hear back!
  4. Received an interview invite for 9/28 today as well!
  5. Heard back from the July 8th interview today with an acceptance as well! Congrats to everyone else who was accepted! For others interviewing or who may have got declined, I just wanted to share that this was my 3rd application cycle...I interviewed once last year and did not get in but the three best tips I can give are: 1. Apply as early as possible. I applied May 20th this year and I think it made a huge difference. 2. The Physician Assistant School interview guide book by Savanna Perry PA-C was extremely helpful. 3. Be confident and keep trying! You'll get there.
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