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  1. Has anyone who submitted in June reviewed the supplemental yet? I was verified June 4th but haven’t received anything
  2. Thank you!! Did you email her to ask for confirmation? I emailed her and haven’t had a reply yet
  3. is this the confirmation email you all got? I received this after submitting my supplemental, but nothing from Ms. Bible or anyone else. I submitted last Wednesday
  4. Hey everyone! Planning on submitting my supplemental tomorrow. I’m just confirming we do not have to fill anything out for the recommenders portion near the end, since we all applied through CASPA? Thanks!
  5. Has anyone heard anything regarding interviews for 2021/ if there are any more left?
  6. did anyone who interviewed 1/25 that went to the ELP law session hear from amber yet?
  7. Has anyone that was placed on the waitlist heard anything from the office of student services yet?
  8. Congrats everyone! Does anyone know if this is their last interview?
  9. Congrats!! Does anyone know if the jan interview is their last date?
  10. Does anyone know if the jan dates are their last interview slots? Congrats everyone!
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