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  1. Wow thats crazy... I never really looked into Elon much because I think I saw at first glance that they aren't super holistic when they view applications? I totally agree. I was the same it started off low and then every semester improved! Im also applying to stony brook, University of texas san antonio, uc davis, u of florida, barry university,radford, shenendoah, stony brook, university of tennessee health sciences and northwestern so pretty much all over. and i have a pretty solid draft of it done but it def needs some finishing up. Im graduating this may so I'm still finishing some classes so its been hard to balance the two!! when do you hope to submit your apps by? my goal is memorial day or june 1st.
  2. Awesome! Congrats on bringing your GRE up! May I ask the 6 you applied to the first time? Did you reach out to hear feedback? I have heard of some people doing that. I am also applying to JMU, UNE, WF and Duke
  3. Hey everyone! I wanted to get ya'lls feedback regarding my stats for PA school. I plan to apply this cycle but am curious to hear what you all think of my chances. I would say I am average at best... I plan to apply to 12 schools. cumulative gpa: 3.499 Science gpa: 3.41 GRE: 300, 4.5 writing LOR: 5. DCP: 2500 hours (would be around 4500 by the time i matriculate) include nursing home, university health center, free clinic, and a large orthopedic practice Leadership: VP of sorority for one year Volunteer hours: 1000+
  4. Thank you so much! def eased my concerns!!!
  5. Thank you so much! I am applying to my undergrad schools PA program. I guess if they wanted to go digging for this incident they would. Does this change anything?
  6. I actually paid for a copy of my official transcript to make sure it wasn't on there and it wasn't! Thanks for all of your help
  7. Thank you! There was a portion where it asked about school code of conduct violations which is where Im stuck
  8. Thank you!! There was also a section below the misdemeanor question that said "Please identify if you committed any academic violations or your university's conduct violations." So that is where I am stuck
  9. Hi, I will be applying to the 2020-21 cycle this upcoming April. As i was scrolling through the CASPA site, I noticed the section about conduct violations at ones university. My freshman year I received a charge from my school (not a misdemeanor, and nothing with the police) for leaving a bottle of alcohol under my bed before thanksgiving break. My RA found it and I received an alcohol charge with the campus. The punishment for this was a $50 fine and I had to take a two hour alcohol course about underage drinking. Basically, Im super stressed about this. Even though this was four years ago and I have plenty of other things going for me on my application, I am concerned that this will prevent me from getting any interviews/acceptances. I feel like I will be placed in a pool with everyone else who checks "yes" to this box, and will make it harder for me to be accepted. Any advice on this matter or past experiences would be gratefully appreciated
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