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  1. were you at the interview on the second or last weeks interview? Best of luck to you!!!
  2. I haven’t! Just the standard timeline. I bet they will give us something more when we get there. Message me if you want to text or anything before interview day!! I’m looking forward to it!!!
  3. For those receiving interview invites, when did you submit supplemental ? Congrats!
  4. App was verified by rush june 7th. Nothing yet …
  5. I sent in my supplemental this past Friday! Haven’t received the payment link yet though.
  6. Did you guys get separate emails saying that they received your GRE scores? I got an email after completing the supplemental, and another saying they received my supplemental and caspa, and another one I got passed on for review. Wasn’t sure if there was another email
  7. Has anyone received a link to pay for the supplemental yet after submitting?
  8. omg i thought i was going crazy! same here! i kept all mine under 200 words ...
  9. is there a word limit for the supplementals?
  10. Has anyone who submitted in June reviewed the supplemental yet? I was verified June 4th but haven’t received anything
  11. Thank you!! Did you email her to ask for confirmation? I emailed her and haven’t had a reply yet
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