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  1. Hello, Has anyone used CalCampus for online Labs? Need to take Chemistry1 and Biology1 Labs. I have taken both of these classes but need the Lab component.
  2. @MT2PA Thank you for the reply. The reason I am asking is because under "Prerequisites" they have "One other Biology course - 1 Semester (or semester hour equivalent" I know genetics is an advanced biology course. I have an appointment with them in a couple of weeks. I was just wondering if anyone here knew the answer.
  3. Hello, Does anyone know if USF PA program accepts "Genetics" as a "Biology" course? Thanks in advance, Dayker Fernandez PA Applicant.
  4. @JDraper Thank again for all the valuable info. I wish you the best of luck! Are you also applying for PA school this year?
  5. @JDraper, thank you so much for answering this for me. This really gives me peace of mind. I usually have Friday, Saturday and Sundays off. Do you think I can knock out all the homework for the following week during these 3 days?
  6. Has anyone taken more than one course at a time through Doane University while working full time? I need to take Organic Chem and Biochemistry to apply for a PA program this year but don’t have a lot of time. Also, how strict are the professors with due dates? I don’t have time to do much during the week since I work full time, but I am planing to do all the homework and studying during the weekends.
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