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  1. I was wondering has anyone submitted the Caspa for Yale online and what are the three essays that they require like and what are they over? Also has anyone taken the Casper and what are the questions like and is it as difficult as people make it seem? Trey
  2. Awesome thank you. I have patient care experience all the way from 2014 when I started working ems. Is there a suggested time period you should/shouldn't go back?
  3. I have worked as a EMT and paramedic since 2014. I have also worked at a fire department full time and went part time recently to work in an emergency room. I was wondering how I should enter the hours from when I went full time to part time. Should I do two separate sections, or should I just average all my hours for the years I worked there and do them as one entry? Trey
  4. Does anyone know if these credits transfer to regionally accredited universities and do they transfer to the Yale online PA program fine? Thanks in advance
  5. Why do you feel it is terrible? I honestly think it could be beneficial for people that work, have children etc and want to better themselves and practice medicine. Some people cannot afford to take two years off to attend a program at a brick and mortar school. Trey
  6. I also sent in all of the course syllabus and they did saw they will all be accepted. Do you know the acceptance rate? I want to attempt to do online as it will be better for my fiance and I as I would not have to be completely off work for two years. Trey
  7. I know Yale has an online pa program, what is a competitive applicant for Yale online? Also does anyone else have an online physician assistant program? Thank you
  8. How was the admissions process to this program, does anyone know the acceptance rate of the program?
  9. Has anyone here in the Yale online PA program. If so what were the three essays about that you had to complete in the CASPA. Also has anyone been admitted into a PA program with an online degree and online science courses with labs?
  10. I am currently completing my bachelor degree with a pre-PA concentration and was wondering when I should start applying to PA programs
  11. I was wondering does Doane online have labs with their science, chem, biology, A&P courses and can it be done completely online, I can't seem to find if they include labs online.
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