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  1. I must have miscommunicated. My wife is in a stable job and we are moving to be closer to her job in a few months. I have a job that is commutable but feels like it won’t last and given how things went down with my last employer I am feeling burned out and jaded. Given how long many of these places take to credential I am trying to make a decision now.
  2. Yes but what is the minimum number to remain viable financially? I can take a guess but then again how much money does the physician owner expect to make? It’s been my experience that most of them just want you to make them a bunch of money. If you aren’t making them money consider yourself gone.
  3. I can handle the depression aspect, but I feel like I just want to survive 5 more years and start doing something else. That is enough time to pay Dow my student debt and most of a house. I guess I am looking for any job ideas or something out of the box that will generate a decent income for 5 years then I can bail. I am 39 and I would like to enjoy some of my life before I turn 50.
  4. Hi everyone, I am looking for some help and advice. I will preface this with a short about me. I am a PA with 8 years of experience in mostly primary care. I currently live in Michigan. I have no history of any malpractice claims against me and all reviews about me online I can find are positive or 5 stars. I went to a private school and have about 25k in student loans of an original balance of 180k.I am married with 2 young children. Being a PA is a second career for me after burning out as a teacher in AZ. My current situation is this: My wife is a teacher who has had a hard time finding work In MI because of out of state certification finally found a job she liked but was far away from my job and caused a burdensome commute. We agreed to move in spring of 2020. Shortly after my contract would be over. My employer learned of this when discussing if I would renew contract and they found a replacement for me this ending my employment in violation of contract (I was supposed to be given 60 days) I chose not to fight it because I knew I would need them as a reference I the future. I scrambled to find something in the 3 weeks I was given and was hired at an urgent care with no benefits no retirement. It is a newer clinic not part of a chain and less than a year old and I see about 10 patients in a 13 hour shift on average. I have been there 3 months now. I have interviewed at a small nonprofit private school that is starting a PA program, am waiting to hear back and a different urgent care looking for people to start in 3 months that is part of a larger physician group. It offers benefits PTO and retirement. Have also applied to other family med practices or specialties etc with many sounding sketchy or too far away. The whole situation has left me burned out and depressed. I feel inadequate as a provider and just disenchanted with medicine. Before the job change I was frustrated but primarily with the insurance bureaucracy. I do not think the current office has long term sustainability and think I need to find something better. Teaching would be nice but I wonder if there are too many PA programs and if it is sustainable past 5 years. Also I wonder if I am feeling so burned out and frustrated should I be teaching other students. Another urgent care would at least have benefits but sometimes I even just feel sick of dealing with the patients and trying to keep them happy. I need to at least be a PA for a few years more to pay off student loans. I really don’t feel like specializing much because a l have known too many that seem to push procedures and don’t listen to patients and I don’t want to get into that world. Not interested in doing insurance reviews because insurances are a lot of the problem with healthcare especially for low income people. I am looking for any opinions or guidance on what I should do. Should I be teaching? Should I even be practicing medicine anymore? I have already gotten placed on Cymbalta. Waiting for it to kick in. I know now I should have just lied to my old employer and said I would be around forever and jump ship at my convenience. I can’t do anything about that. Need some opinions on what to do going forward. sorry for such a long post......thank you for any opinions
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