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  1. Will someone keep me informed on the probation discussion tomorrow? Unfortunately, I have to work 10-10 tomorrow and I'm unable to attend the zoom meeting.
  2. Just received an acceptance call from the waitlist this morning!
  3. Undergrad School: University of Georgia and College of Coastal Georgia Cumulative Undergrad GPA: 3.25 Science Undergrad GPA: 3.65 Age at application time: 33 GRE: 307 V - 152/Q - 155/AWA 5.0 Healthcare experience: 5600 + hours as an Emergency Department Registered Nurse Research: none Volunteer: none Extracurriculars: none Shadowing: 16 hours with Surgical PA LOR: 4: two PA's I work with, 1 RN I work with, 1 professor from Chem and Organic Chem Schools Applied: 3: Nova JAX, Nova Orlando, South University in Savannah Applic
  4. Gave up my interview spot for November 25th after being accepted at my top choice. Hope this helps someone!! Good luck, y'all!
  5. Got a call from Kandee about an hour and a half ago!!! So excited to join this class!!!! This was my top choice!!
  6. Same, hun!!! I really enjoyed our interview group! I anticipate we will hear back next week!!!
  7. Hey, you’re the one who had the tv show/psychiatrist set up on the cam, right?
  8. Sweet!!!! So happy for you!!!! Hoping to hear back within the next few weeks from 10/29 interview.
  9. Just got this e-mail today... bummer “We anticipate filling our upcoming cohort as of this time with a competitive wait-list selected as well. The program receives over 1,200 qualified applications each admissions cycle and seat 70 each cohort. We will maintain your record in an active status until the class begins. In the event additional seats become available prior to the beginning of the January 2021 start date, you may be selected for an interview.”
  10. Awesome to hear!!! What about the writing portion—do you awkwardly have to open up Microsoft Word and send it? I’ve been curious how that one’s going to play out
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