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  1. Hello all! Me again Does anyone know the last interview day for wingate class of 2023?! Trying to figure out when the waitlist folks will start hearing back.
  2. Has anyone been denied?! Submitted forever ago and still radio silence!
  3. Congrats to everyone who has been accepted so far! How many more interview days are there, if any?! Thanks!!
  4. Waitlisted at Main Campus today from 11/03 interview around 11:30AM! Kinda bummed, remaining hopeful. Anyone else in my shoes- this is not a no!
  5. Has anyone received a denial? Submitted in May, still no word
  6. To those who have interviewed and received acceptances or waitlist status, how long did it take?! I interviewed 11/03 and I can hardly wait any longer ugh!
  7. For those who have interviewed, is the Q&A portion with students live video or just chat?
  8. I'm not sure either- I am in the same boat. Feel free to message me and we can brainstorm together!
  9. Has anyone received a denial yet? Submitted 05/27 and under review 06/17. Trying to stay positive! I attended several virtual fairs prior to applying and was told I would be a good candidate with my stats: I'm a NC resident. cGPA: 3.53 sGPA: 3.36 PCE: 2500 CNA home care and MA @ pediatric cardiology practice HCE: 200 receptionist @ allergy clinic Volunteer: 240 (sexual assault response advocate) Shadow: 96 (60 MD, 28 PA, 8 NP)
  10. Don't count yourself out just yet! Hold the faith. Have you considered reaching out to MCPHS?
  11. Received my denial tonight! Not shocked, just glad to finally have an answer! Good luck to everyone waiting to here back!
  12. mind sharing stats?? and are you a FL resident? I’m applying out of state!
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