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  1. Hello! Has anyone from the top 5 been pulled off the waitlist yet for main campus?
  2. Have any main campus waitlist people heard an update?
  3. Just heard back that i am being continued on the waitlist for main campus. Has anyone else heard an update or rank??
  4. Has anyone from main campus heard an update on their waitlist status? Going a little nuts over here waiting and seeing Hendersonville updates!
  5. Thank you for your reply. Since November 17th interview (also main campus). Let me know when they update you! And feel free to send me a private message we can stress together!
  6. When did you interview? And for which campus? Best of luck!
  7. Hello all! Does anyone know when the last interview date in February is?
  8. Apparently interviews go through early February! Don't give up!
  9. How many of you all have STILL not heard anything back from HPU? I'm debating whether or not to ask about my application status. It's been 8 months for me at this point!
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