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  1. Hey! If anyone has been accepted, we have a Facebook messenger chat with other accepted students this cycle. Message me on here and I’ll add you in
  2. Has anyone heard back about interviews from the Nashville campus yet?
  3. Yes, I live in New York so I will be interviewing in person!
  4. Just received mine as well! I'll be there in person August 29th!
  5. For anyone who receive the interview invite with dates and times, I sent back my top two choices last week and haven't heard anything back. Anyone else in the same boat?
  6. Sent in my suppt'l app 5/31, unofficial interview invite came Jun 9, official invite with date came July 15th.
  7. Good luck on your interview! It was NOT as nerve wracking as you would think, the staff was all very friendly. Make sure you come with questions.
  8. Yes, I was accepted as well from the July 8 group, and I was a reapplication as well! I agree with all of your tips, that book was immensely helpful!
  9. Received an email offering four different dates for interviews, sent back my two preferred dates, haven't heard anything else back yet! Since I am in NYS I will be interviewing in person, but it looks like some people travelling in from out of state may be interviewed via Zoom due to COVID.
  10. Haven't heard anything back yet, we should hear back sometime this week I believe!
  11. Hey everyone! Has anyone seen the new forum, I believe its called "Slippery Rock-Caution"? I have an interview with them July 8th, and am now a little concerned. @pasintraining
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